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  1. Grrrr... "Radar Sensor Blocked" in the rain

    Gen 5: 2017-Present CR-V
    Was driving from Charlotte to Raleigh last night in the rain. Four or five times it signaled "Radar Sensor Blocked" (and disabled ACC and CMBS), one time while the rain was so light, I had the wipers on about medium intermittent. Other than a very thin (nearly invisible) film of ordinary road...
  2. DAB radio presets GRRRR!

    Mobile Electronics
    2016 CRV with 7" garmin/Radio UK spec. After hours of fiddling I have managed to pre-set a number of DAB radio stations. But I cannot figure out how to call up the list of pre-set stations in order to choose from them. The 660 page manual is less than useless. It tells me that by pressing...
  3. Getting car-wash spray-wax off the windshield? *grrrr*

    Ran our new V through the local car wash to get the road and beach salt and crud off the undercarriage. Forgot to specify "no wax" and now have a little spotty/smudgie-ness on my windshield. Which I hate. Any suggestions for getting it off?
  4. GRRRR 4 days old and windows aren't working

    Problems & Issues
    I'm teasing RavenG4 with the title. :D My power windows for the rear and passenger door stop working intermittently. I suspect it is an issue with the window lock since the driver door window is unaffected. I intend to have the dealer investigate when I take the '07 in to have its door edge...
  5. GRRRR 2 days old and TPMS light on. Dealer checked No Problems

    Problems & Issues
    Okay this is annoying. I just bought my '07 CR-V and less than 100 miles the TPMS light has come on. It's annoying. The dealer checked it today said nothing was wrong and reset the light. They told me if it came back on to come back. It came right back on in about 40 miles. I'm going back...