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  1. I guess still no solution for VTC actuator??

    Problems & Issues
    My 2014 crv with 60,000 has already had the actuator replaced only a month ago and its already making the noise. Scheduled to take it to the dealer Monday. I guess there still is no solution??? I just want it documented that I've taken it in several times. I guess I may live with it. I like...
  2. Guess what size bolt...

    Maintenance and Service
    The first to tell me what size bolt is the pivot bolt for the air conditioner compressor belt adjuster pulley on a 1999 AWD will win my undying adulation and respect. The CR-V is black and the tape deck doesn't work, if that helps.
  3. I guess ill chime in - dirtiest CRV ever per

    Off The Beaten Path
    for those of you who havnt seen my V in action on
  4. not bad, i guess

    Gen 1: 1996-2001 CR-V
    well since getting my '97 a month ago i've been keeping track of mileage. in town i'm getting right about 20.5, and i just took a road trip this weekend which showed a high of 25.7 with myself, mom, dog, and a few things in the car (avg 73mpg with cruise, and pushing up hills). when my daughter...
  5. Guess what's better than the overrated iphone

    Mobile Electronics
    This is the next MP3 player that I will get this christmas I will buy it if my parents don'y get me it. (For the record I am 18 so I still get presents from my parents and because I have a 4 yr old sister I get them from santa also) This is a French Company called Archos they make some really...
  6. Wheel Covers ? Rims ? - I guess that's what you call them

    Tires, Wheels, & Suspensions
    Wheel covers? Rims? Just plopped down bucks for a 2008 CRV. (Kid climbed up the rear of my Accord at 80 mph - see below - so I had to get something.) Am satisfied (10 years from now and I'll tell you for sure) with my choice. I find the stock rims/wheels awful (sorry.. just my opinion.)...
  7. guess I am the first one

    Southeast, Mid-South, & Gulf Coast Owners
    Just bought a new 2007 CRV and love it. I am in the Greenville SC area. Any other CR-V's out there?