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  1. Alpine H/U source skipping

    Mobile Electronics
    Had an Alpine CDA-105 head unit installed about 15 months ago, to go with some Polk 6.5 speakers in the doors, and the Alpine 455 amp behind the shift console. Everything sounds great. Lately...
  2. Alpine H/U faceplate

    Mobile Electronics
    Combination Christmas/birthday gift finally installed - Alpine CDA 105 & 445 amp. Much clearer & cleaner sound w/o glass rattling "boom". Pics to follow. I'd like to keep my radio in my "V" w/o someone else taking it, so I'm removing the faceplate every time I leave the vehicle. Just a...
  3. Alpine H/U, amp upgrade

    Mobile Electronics
    Am looking at 2 options regarding sound system upgrade. Have already done speaker upgrade this spring. Just not satisfied with what's coming out of them. First one: just buy a Alpine KTP-445 Power Pack & hook it into present audio system. Would require splicing & soldering with potential to...
  4. pioneer H/U install

    Mobile Electronics
    after a few weeks of the std honda audio kit, it was time to reinstall the pioneer HU i had in my previous vehicle. I'm pleased to say it went far easier than expected, i used a double din Facia purchased online, which came with assembly instructions (thank goodness), but took about 2hours from...