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  1. CR-V damaged by hail while in dealership's possession

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    I think I'm out of luck and going to be paying my deductible but wanted to get a few opinions. My CR-V was at the dealership for a repair that was a warrantied item (the gear shift knob was loose) today. I scheduled the appointment for as soon as possible last week when the service center...
  2. Dentless repair Hail, to disrespectful people

    2017 - Present Official Specs, Features, Etc. (Gen
    Yes I said it there are a few that are so disrespectful, no care in the world they will do it twice in front of you. So here we got a few dings one on top, one on the door and a nasty one on the rear tail area that will require time. I thought i start the thread now and share what I am...
  3. Hail Mary request -gen 1 roof rails screws

    All, I scored huge today at the upull yard and got an oem roof rail system for $13. It had every damn piece EXCEPT the 12 Phillips used to hold the rails to the mounts. Does anyone have these or have a source!? TIA Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  4. 2015 CR-V Trim Hail Damage

    Wife's CR-V got caught in a hail storm. There is no damage I can find to paint but several dents in the trim that runs around the windows. Anyone know how easy it is to remove and replace this trim? It still has the paper plates but the damage is so small that I don't think it makes sense to...
  5. Hail Damage

    Problems & Issues
    So my luck is, I got significant hail damage from a storm today in the midwest. 3 month old car. Anyone had experience getting hail damage removed? Is there any chance on hell it can be done without painting, and will it look as new? My car was in perfect condition, and yes I am the anal...
  6. Hail Fellow CR-V Owners! New 2012 and LOVING it!

    Greetings & Introductions
    We bought my wife the 2012 CRV so I could have my Odyssey back. :) And the CRV is perfect in "ALMOST" every way. Which is what brought me here looking for help. Where in the forums would I be most likely to find, or could ask for help learning, how to fix our air conditioner so it doesn't...
  7. 05 after the hail...

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    took a drive out to a local lake for some hiking...this started as I arrived...
  8. Chrome Hail Dent Issue

    I have a small hail (maybe stone) dent in the chrome strip above the rear door on my 98 CR-V any suggestions on how I can remove it?
  9. Hail damage!!!

    Problems & Issues
    :( I know there's not much I can ask for advice through the forum, but my poor little V is only just a week old and a hailstorm came through last night and beat up Cedric the CR-V! I called the insurance company (30 minute wait time) so I'm waiting for them to call me back. I know it'll be...