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  1. Hand Brake Lever Replacement for Honda CR-V II Gen2 (Left Hand Drive)

    Gen 2: 2002-2006 CR-V
    Dear Gentlemen Hope that the solution i need can be found here with the help of the amazing guys in this club I have a problem that seems no solution in the web nor in YouTube or i'm just bad at searching Vehicle - CRV 2002, 2WD Auto, Left Hand Drive Issue - I have a broken Handbrake Lever...
  2. Handbrake Adjustment crv 2014

    Gen 4: 2012-2016 CR-V
    Can anyone help me on how to access handbrake adjustment bolt inside cab, does the centre console need to be removed or is there another means to access it
  3. How to tighten handbrake on CR-V 2014

    Gen 4: 2012-2016 CR-V
    I can´t find any thread on this topic. How do I tighten the handbrake on my CR-V 2014? It´s a basic model FWD
  4. 2002 Honda CRV - Dashboard Handbrake Light Issue

    Problems & Issues
    Hi! Please help :( While I'm driving my CV for about 2 to 3 minutes the handbrake light on my dashboard appears and never turns off as long as the engine is running. Wen I turn off my car and start it again, the light is off, however, when I start driving again after a few minutes the light...
  5. 1998 - Handbrake light stuck on

    Problems & Issues
    Hi all! I have just bought a 1998 CR-V 4WD automatic, and there is an issue with the handbrake light/indicator in the dashboard, it is stuck on. This light has two functions, it indicates when the handbrake is on, and it indicates if the brake-fluid levels are ok or too low. From my googeling...
  6. 2015 CR-V rolls slightly when held on handbrake and footbrake is released - manual

    Gen 4: 2012-2016 CR-V
    Car rolls forwards/backwards slightly with handbrake applied Our CR-V (UK spec diesel SE manual 4WD) has had an annoying habit ever since new (it's now about 5 months old). If you brake to a halt on a slight incline (either to park or when stopping at a junction) apply the handbrake and then...
  7. 2007 (UK) Handbrake adjustment

    Problems & Issues
    Can anyone please tell me the location of the handbrake adjustment for the UK version with a handbrake rather than a footbrake? I've made the adjustment on each wheel, but can't find where the actual handbrake adjuster is located, do I remove the centre console? Thanks
  8. Handbrake light

    Problems & Issues
    please help as the internet is a mine field of wrong answers (so far) I have an 05 crv 2.2 cdti and the other day out of nowhere I noticed my handbrake light was on but my handbrake was not engaged as I was moving. Now I've searched this and someone said the brake fluid level will be low so I...
  9. Handbrake light (1997 UK model)

    Problems & Issues
    After running for a few moments (and with the handbrake off) the handbrake light on my 1997 ES comes on and stays on. I was told that this was a warning of low brake fluid pressure. I need to get the car through an MOT and want to know the best way to tackle this problem. I removed the passenger...
  10. Handbrake 'clonk'?

    Maintenance and Service
    I have a 2008 CRV and when driving away after the handbrake has been on for a while there is a loud 'clonk' after a few yards. I'm looking for advice as to what this could be please - cable sticking or shoes sticking or something else! Is this a common fault? Handbrake feel stiff to engage but...
  11. Handbrake light staying on when driving

    Problems & Issues
    Hi, my girlfriend just called and said the handbrake light won't go off on her 1997 CR-V when driving. I noticed when I drove it that the cable was a bit loose, but just wanted to check that the light only means a problem with the handbrake and not the main brake system (losing fluid etc?)...
  12. Handbrake and rear break problems :(

    Problems & Issues
    Hi there, I have a 2004 petrol manual Honda CRV, not missed a heartbeat in the two years I have owned it, until now.......:confused: It's done 48kmiles, couple of weeks ago a high'ish pitch noise started from there rear, very odd, sounded like it was from some sort of vibration. The read dif...