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  1. Interior door grab handles

    Greetings & Introductions
    The coating is wearing off, can i spray paint them? Other suggestions?.
  2. Liners for cup holders, change holders, door handles, etc.

    I got these thin rubber liners to protect the spots in my 2017 that are hard to clean like cup holders, change holder, and the door handle space. The liner can be pulled out easily to clean spills, crumbs, dog fur, what ever. This site won't let me post an Amazon link so here is the exact...
  3. Chrome Door Handles

    Just installed new Chrome Door Handle covers. Used hot glue to be sure they would stay in the cold weather.
  4. Chrome door handles?

    2017 - Present Official Specs, Features, Etc. (Gen
    Test fitted them temporarily and snapped a few before and after. What do you guys think? Sent from my SM-N910P using Tapatalk
  5. Gray Cloth Door Handles

    2017 - Present Official Specs, Features, Etc. (Gen
    I have an 2017 EX CRV AWD with gray interior cloth handles. It seems like every time someone gets into the car with dirty hands and closes the door, the cloth door handle gets dirty. Any suggestions on how to keep them clean?
  6. Smart Handles on Rear Idea

    2017 - Present Official Specs, Features, Etc. (Gen
  7. Cups on Exterior Door Handles.

    Does anybody have any suggestions on how to reduce - stop fingernail scratches on the Clearcoat behind the exterior door handles. Now that my wife & daughter have long fingernails I have noticed scratches appearing in the "cups" behind the door from their new nails. I had thought of putting...
  8. 2010 Honda CRV door handles

    Hello, I am new here and have a few questions regarding my wife's, new to her, certified pre-owned 2010 CRV EX. The vehicle is Taffeta white and has the black door handles; something that really bothers her. She would prefer that they were white to match the car. I don't know if Honda offered...
  9. Air flow from door handles

    Problems & Issues
    Hi guys When I titl the sunroof (Not fully opened) even when the indoor cover is closed, air coming from door handles and lock. Air vent is set to circulation. Heater/AC are off. I tested on my 2014 CRV-EXL but I test drove 2015 CRV-EXL and had the same issue. Anyone else experiences the same...
  10. '07 handles snow like nothing

    Image & Video Gallery
    Here's just a little clip showing my CR-V getting outside. Later that day we were trying out it's capabilities and boy it's good. With good winter tires it's unstoppable. 2ft untouched snow, handles like there is NOTHING. I was actually surprised. VERY good snow capabilities. It's a diesel. In...
  11. Painted Mirrors and Handles 2012 CRV LX

    Do-It-Yourself / Mods
    Have any of you replaced the stock 2012 LX handles and side mirror painted parts with the painted EX equivalents? If so, would you please advise the parts needed and difficulty involved? Thanks, Chris
  12. Looking for suggestions... Door handles

    Has anyone already come up with a solution or can anyone suggest a solution for the following: I want to put something in/on/around the painted area behind each door handle to avoid the scratches that develop there over time. Any ideas?
  13. Where to buy Chrome LED Handles

    Hi, I saw these cool door handles for the CR-V that have LEDS that flash blue when you turn on your cabin lights, and flash yellow when you use your turn signals (obviously you can change it to whatever when you attach the wiring into your car). Does anyone know where to buy them in the USA...
  14. Ceiling Handles?

    Is there anywhere I can get the handles on the inside on the ceiling? I found some in a junk yard that fit and looked similar but the color and fade were horrible.
  15. Help with door handles

    Hello guys, I have an UK 2010 CR-V EX and I would like to have colour coded door handles instead of chrome ones, in Europe we can't get the door colour door handles, so anyone want to change them? :rolleyes:
  16. Replacing 01 exterior door handles

    New member. I wanted to get some advice on how to replace the rear side door exterior door handles. I have the interior side panel off and can see the one nut/bolt but wanted to know how to un-hook the linkage. I'm swapping out a damaged door with a used door and I wanted to use the color match...
  17. 2010 interior door handles in 2009 ?

    Hello, Does anybody know if the 2010 interior door handles will fit in the 2009 without any modification? I already have several scratches on my 2009 door handles and the 2010 look more resistant although I haven't seen them for real yet. TIA.
  18. color matched door handles?

    anyone know of a place to get em for the newer cr-vs? 2007+? I wanted to either get chrome or color matched. also, any good testimonials on floor mats? im interested in protecting my oem ones. thanks!
  19. FS: 1g JDM oh crap handles

    Trading Post
    $75 each.
  20. Color keyed door handles

    I think the <only> cosmetic let down for me on my wife's 2008 ex, is the black exterior door handles. I thought they would be color keyed on an EX. So is it possible to get color keyed GBM handles to replace the black? I'm sure these could be painted to match, but I'd like to start with factory...