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  1. dash cam blackvue hardwiring on crv 2017

    2017 - Present Official Specs, Features, Etc. (Gen
    Could somebody can post videos of step by step installation of hardwiring blackvue 750s dash cam on crv 2017. i found some of the older posts photos are not available, because hosting account needs to be updated. so anybody has a step by step hardwiring videos or pictures with magic pro into...
  2. Hardwiring an Alpine KTP-445 power pack to the factory head unit?

    Mobile Electronics
    I have an Alpine KTP-445a powerpack/mini amp from my old car. I just upgraded the speakers on my 2013 CRV - I want to keep the factory head unit and hopefully use this mini amp for a decent sound system upgrade but nothing major. This is the model that comes with alpine harnesses, designed for...
  3. Trackers: are they worth installing and hardwiring dash cam into car's fuse box:help?

    CR-V Owners in Europe
    Hello, I have just bought a UK 1.6L CR-V Auto EX sensing with adaptations for hand controls due to a medically induced spinal problem. I went for this vehicle because the vehicle has the adaptive cruise control, lane keeping aids etc. Hand controls are manual and together with Honda's...
  4. Hardwiring Micro USB/Lightning Cable in 05 EX

    Mobile Electronics
    Hi all! I am pretty new here. I searched around a bit, but couldn't find anything that really worked for me. Tomorrow, I'm going to install a new headunit in my 2005 EX. I would like to find a way to wire power to a Micro USB cable and Apple Lightning cable and then have them go from inside the...
  5. Hardwiring a Radar Detector -> Unused Dash Button?

    I will be hardwiring my radar detector this weekend, and will be using the following that I purchased from ebay: To the right of the steering wheel of my 2011 CRV, there is that unused button (similar to the VSA button on the left) that I would like to install the push button that is used to...
  6. Hardwiring a radar detector

    I have a 2011 and I would like to hardwire my radar detector so that it cuts off when the car cuts off. If I mount it near the mirror it seems like I could sneak a wire into the power for the overhear lights or the sun roof controls. How do the lenses come off for bulb replacement on the...
  7. Hardwiring a GPS in a 2008 CR-V

    Mobile Electronics
    Can anyone give me some tips on hardwiring a Garmin GPS in the latest CR-V? I would like to route the wire in the dash near the center. It looks like the center cover can pull up, but I have not been successful. There even is a small hole in the center that looks like you can fit a wire in...