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  1. Performance Modifications
    I have searched all over for a header, more in the performance category, for my 2000 CRV. I came across an OBX header on eBay. While I have read good and bad feedback about the quality of the parts OBX puts out, this header is relatively cheap and should work fine for me. Other brands, like...
  2. Miscellaneous / General CR-V Discussions
    Instead of replacing the header pipe, is there an aftermarket part that I can clamp on to the end of the header pipe, downstream of the first O2 sensor, that will connect to the catalytic converter? I cut off the old nasty rusted ears on the original header pipe. Has anyone done this?
  3. Gen 4: 2012-2016 (UK 2012-2017) CR-V
    Is it time for a new picture at the top (header) the opening page of the forum?
  4. Performance Modifications
    saw them on ebay are they worth it.... price 225$...
  5. Performance Modifications
    While surfing the net for a good CRV header I came upon this linked. So I emailed them before I purchased the header. I basically asked them if this will fit my auto-CRV. To make sure it will fit my CRV. So their response was as follows. "We do not offer...
  6. Performance Modifications
    Ok, I just wanted to post up to inform some of those who may consider a OBX Header. I just got done installing one and it took me quite some time due to issues. 1. The flange that bolts to the head is too tall, so you will have to grind & cut part of the head gasket & 2 stub sticking out of...
  7. Performance Modifications
    OBX headers are the only headers i could find for a 1st gen AWD. well i needed on bad so i decided to purchase a full obx kit. It was my first choice but that the only thing i could find for my crv. well atleast the price wasnt to bad. well here is my problem i went and put my exhaust on...
  8. Performance Modifications
    I was skimming eBay when I came upon a couple of 4WD headers for the 97-01 CR-V. Will these actually fit a 4WD V, or is it just a typo? Has anyone on here bought one?
  9. Performance Modifications
    G'day. I purchased a header from HM Headers here in Melbourne ( for a decent price of $260 AUD \ including shipping. Cant wait for it to get to me but before im going to install it I just want a little advise from anyone who has installed any...
  10. Performance Modifications
    Can an aftermarket header like dc sport from a 94-01 acura integra ls (dc4) fit in the 1 gen crv b20b4 motor with no custom fit? I want to put an aftermarket header in, but I don't know what will fit on it. Please someone help me out.
  11. Trading Area
    WTB: Comptech or Mugen header for 1st gen ($300 or more)!!! I will pay $300 (or more, depending on condition) for a Mugen or Comptech header for the 1st gen CR-V. If you or anyone you know has one for sale, please let me know.
1-11 of 14 Results