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  1. 2005 CR-V Headlamps bulbs burning out...What's the fix? - Convert to HID??

    Problems & Issues
    First post. Is there a fix for the headlamp bulbs that keep burning out? Alternatively, should I just convert to HID? There are so many manufacturers out there I really don't know which one to go with so looking for a recommendation. Thanks!
  2. Greetings from South Africa

    Greetings & Introductions
    Greetings from South Africa - 56k KILLER!!! Hi All I am from South Africa and I must say this is an awesome site !!! Never been a fan of the CRV till I drove one lol I have a 84 EX Prelude and a VTI EK4 Civic Hatch I wont go through the mods of these to many lol I came across this specimen...
  3. LEDs & HID in GTA. Greater Toronto Area.

    Do-It-Yourself / Mods
    If anyone needs LED & HID for their vehicle. I recommend this place. I have been getting my stuff there for years. He has good products. Reliable & good pricing. Highly recommended. Look for Dave.
  4. Mass is flunking aftermarket HID's

    At state inspection time. New crackdown, my HIDs have passed for ten years. The kicker, you can't just disconnect them, everything related to aftermarket lights must be removed from the vehicle before it can pass. OEM HIDs are immune from this new rule.
  5. 2006 HID install

    Do-It-Yourself / Mods
    Here's a before pic: And after:
  6. HID conversion kits

    Problems & Issues
    I'm sure this has been addressed so forgive me. I would like opinions or experiences from anyone using an HID conversion kit and had the desired result of much improved lighting. After my recent 2012 crv purchase and finding the bright light setting very, very poor, I've already invested in 50...
  7. Gen 4 HID ballast location where they will fit

    Do-It-Yourself / Mods
    I have been reading and searching threads on this. Most show the lights after install. What i am looking for is some peoples experience in where to place the ballasts. I have Denso ballasts, and I have having trouble finding a goof place to put them. I really have not found two places the look...
  8. Grey carpet mats and aftermarket roof rack chrome fog bezels and hid 3rd gen

    Trading Post
    I have the oem grey mats from my recently sold crv...mats are clean with no big stains and come from a smoke free car....I can wash and clean them before sold $100 obo Also have an aftermarket set of roof racks with all bolts but missing a cover for the end which is about $10 at the dealer $60...
  9. HID lighting for 4th Generation CRV HELP

    Do-It-Yourself / Mods
    As anyone who drives a 2012/2013 CRV knows the headlights were at the bottom of the design list. Has anyone installed a good HID system that could give recommendations? ;;) Please Help with your experiences and manufacturer recommends.
  10. hid bulb question

    Hi guys, new crv owner here! Im looking to get a set of hids for my car. Now I checked on sylvania bulb guide and im seeing 9003/hb2. Now I just want the lows so what bulb size should I be ordering?. Thanks guys!. And if possible can anyone post pics of their hids in their oem housing. No...
  11. Need Info to install HID KIT- HONDA 2009 CR-V EX 4WD

    Midwest CR-V Owners
    Hi, I am very new to this forum and seeking help from you guys/gals. I am having Honda CR-V(2009) EX 4WD and want to replace OEM headlights with HID kits. I found those kits are ranging from $50-$80 in ebay. I saw few members (from HIDPLANET forum) mentioned, it might not be good to buy from...
  12. 2013 Europe headlights

    Where can I find these headlights for the North American CR-V? Has anyone done this yet?
  13. 2012 Fog Ligh bulb replacement

    Do-It-Yourself / Mods
    Has anyone changed the fog lights bulbs in a 2012 CRV? I am trying to install yellow HID bulbs, but the owner's manual isnt very descriptive and I dont see any easy access from underneath the bumber or directly through the engine bay.
  14. Need Opinions On HID Conversion Kit

    Hello there, I check these forums for a great deal of information, and have heard a vast array of different opinions on different HIDs, Projectors, etc, when it comes to headlight modifications. What I am curious about, is if anyone has any specific opinions on these ones I found on E-Bay...
  15. Ddm tuning hid install help

    I need a little help installing hid on wife's crv I have installed a few sets on my trucks and buddies but I'm confused on this one i ordered the 6k hid hi/low beam with the relay harness and it came with another harness that has a male end of relay at end and connects to battery also the other...
  16. OEM Gen 4 HID Housings

    I am interested in swapping a set of euro headlight housings on my US cr-v and looking for information. I have some family over there, however I am not sure of the cost or install procedures/difficulty. Any input is appreciated. I am also interested in swapping in some EM turn signal mirrors...
  17. 2012 HID Projector Retrofit - FX-R v3

    Having my EX since September, one thing I can't stand is the headlights. I retrofitted my Scion tC with TSX Projectors and going back to halogen headlights on the CR-V reminds me how much I hate Halogen setups. I bought FX-R v3.0 with Apollo Shrouds setup from TheRetrofitSource on Black Friday...
  18. DIY HID Projector Headlights

    This is what I did for my 2010 CR-V tools -socket set -screwdriver set -gloves -plasti dip / VHT nightshades -heatgun -electrical tape/ saudering iron -a few other tools here and there I went to ebay and purchased a pair of Bi-xenon projector headlights with a white angel eye and red demon...
  19. Aftermarket "Angel Eyes" HID Headlight Assemblies

    Does anyone know if they make an aftermarket HID "angel eyes" or "halo" conversion kit that comes with the assemblies for a 2009 CR-V? If so, what are the prices, the best choices and the places to get them? The ones that i've seen online come with halogen bulbs and not HID xenon bulbs. Any...
  20. Mk3 HID Level sensor

    Diesel CR-V
    Hello all, I am planning on fitting HID's to my CRV but I need some help with the following. (Please see picture below) 1/ Need photos showing the actual mounting point of the level sensor Item # 5 2/ Does anybody know the manufacture of the sensor, or where I can purchase cheap. 3/...