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  1. FS: 5" GPS and 9006 HID

    Trading Post
    Hi i have 5 inch GPS and 9006 HID want to sell together asking price total $280 Vancouver location
  2. Hid headlights

    DIY Center Discussion
    Has anyone tried an hid conversion kit to replace the halogen head lights. I found kits at vvme.Com and was wondering if the worked. My last car had them from the factory and were great.
  3. 09 crv hid install

    Do-It-Yourself / Mods
    hello my name is brian and forgive my non-honda related screen name but me and the wife just picked up a 09 crv far i install a viper alarm remote start...disabled the DRL and hooked up my garage door opener to the high beam lights.. so when i flash the high beams in my driveway the...
  4. is there anyone that can help me to install a hid kit??

    as title...i am not buying bi-xenon hid kit but just 55w hid kit.......i owned a corolla before and i know how the ballast/wires works, but when i look under the hood i have no idea how to install place to mount, no idea wheres the DRL fuse box,,so who can help for this????? i can pay u...
  5. HID question for 09 CRV-EX

    question about installing a hid kit 1, If i install a HID kit on my car, will it void my warranty? 2, anyone got 55w hids on stock headlight? 3, I dont wanna kill my DRL, what should i do if i really want HIDs? 4, I found out the high beam and low beam are in the same bulb?? so how can i...
  6. 07-09 European/Japan projector headlights

    Hey all, Since I bought my V last year, I've been a little disappointed about how plain jane the headlights looked. Searching on ebay, I found some projector lights but they looked way too ricey. I later found out that in Europe and Asia, the CR-V's come with OEM projectors which look pretty...
  7. HID install in 07 CR-V

    ok soo i had an 02 avalanche took the HID kit out of it and an gonna use the kit in the crv, i did order the right bulbs for my crv. now i csnt plug the kit in to the crv cause the plug is different on the hid kit... the kit has 2 wires and the crv has 3. did anyone fit this kind of kit to thier...
  8. 08 CR-V HID Install

    Do-It-Yourself / Mods
    Hi All, I am looking to install some HIDs into my 08 CR-V. Does anybody know where a good place to mount the ballasts would be? Just fishing for some ideas. Thanks! F4i
  9. 06 CR-V HID kitz

    Do-It-Yourself / Mods
    Hey, how are ya doin :D I have a 06 CR-V SE model and i already installed the hid kit on my car. It looks greatt and i had em on about 2 or 3 months i think. The output is amazing!! BTW the reason im posting this one is to ask if anyone has done the samething but with the projectors. I...
  10. HID Xenon Light for 2008 CR-V???

    Miscellaneous / General CR-V Discussions
    I am a new CR-V owner in America. I noticed that Asian market version offers HID Xenon light for EX-L, while American version doesn't. Do you know if it is legal to retfrofit Halogen light with HID light? Do you know any Honda dealer offer the retrofit? Any comments would be appreciate...
  11. HID install help - wiring harness and extra questions.

    Do-It-Yourself / Mods
    So I have a pair of Hella ballasts from my old Audi A4 and I wanted to install it in my 07 CR-V, of course, after I get a pair of projector headlights. The problem is that the wiring harness for the kit is for H1 headlights. Is there anyway to use that or is there a place I can buy a replacement...
  12. 04' EX AWD w/ civic SI rims

    Image & Video Gallery
    here is my CR-V: 04' EX-AWD Nighthawk Black Pearl Fully Tinted (Illegal on guam, but the Cops don't enforce it) HID Conversion (12,000K, both Headlights and Foglights) 07' Civic Si Rims ( got it from a friend for $250.00 bucks...haha) K&H Typhoon cold air intake Front Mud Guard/Flaps Side Vent...
  13. OEM HID headlights and OEM foglights installed

    I will take some better pics soon. But you should get the idea from the following. r.
  14. Any quality HID brands?

    I'm want to put an HID kit in my CR-V because I'm just not satisfied with aftermarket bulbs. The only brands I'm aware of are Philips, Promax, EFX, and Xebrite. Are any of them quality?
  15. installing HID in '08 CR-V

    Do-It-Yourself / Mods
    I'm looking to buy an HID kit for my 08 V and wanted some advice from other that have installed HID on an 07 or 08 as to where you mounted the ballasts/igniters? It looks like there is more room to work with on the passengers side headlight. If you have installed HID, which kit did you buy and...
  16. 05 06 CR-V HID Upgrade show

    Do-It-Yourself / Mods
    Let me introduce a little bit about my car, cause I'm newbie here. My car is 07 CR-V 2.0 and it is made in China. The following is a kit of Single beam HID that I bought from an online store, it is incredible cheap "Only USD50". It is including two stabilizers(35W), two 5000K bulbs. About the...
  17. Anyone put in HID?

    Do-It-Yourself / Mods
    Just wondering if anyone out there (similar V, 02-06) put in a HID kit. I've been doing research, and found that mobilehid has the most rugged and "best" hid kits out there. I just wanted to know if HID's work as good on a V as it would a "regular" sedan/coupe. I noticed visibility on the V...
  18. HID Headlights

    Hello... Can anyone tell me if the US CRV will have the projector HID's and signal lights on the mirrors like this fellow poster's??? (Sorry to jack your picture if you see this.) I'm looking to purchase a V soon, but would definitely wait if the 09's added those features.. (and possibly...
  19. (uk) honda crv h4 4300k bi-xenon hi/lo beam hid conversion kit £40 ono

    Trading Post
    for all vehicles with h4 bulbs on ebay at the moment but will end early for the right price. delivery extra has been fitted to my crv for less than one month, but the crv is going so i'm...
  20. HID Conversion Kit

    Miscellaneous / General CR-V Discussions
    I just ordered HID Kit from this website They said this is pretty much a do it yourself or should I say, install it yourself kit, basically just plug and play. I wanna know if anyone here have done this, was there any problems with the installation? I'm paying $270 for...