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  1. Insurance hike on 2012 CRV

    Miscellaneous / General CR-V Discussions
    I just got my renewal for my policy (USAA) and the rate on my 2012 CRV jumped $120 a year, while my Prius went up $20 and my Mazda had no change at all. I contacted USAA and they said that the 2012 CRV lineup had been re-rated by the industry due to higher than expected claim rates. They said...
  2. Retrospective road tax hike for UK drivers

    United Kingdom & Europe Owners.
    I thought I better investigate this as we have a 2001 Gen 1 ES Auto. Am now feeling sick as come 2010 the tax will be £430!!!! Anyone else about to be stung by good 'ol Gordon's bunch of inept t*ssers?