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  1. Gen 5: 2017-2022 (UK 2018-2023) CR-V
    ...So now that my car is fresh out the body shop from an accident and has fresh new paint on the hood I figured now is a good time to get a deflector for the hood. I've seen the Honda one as well as the WeatherTech. The WeatherTech appears to cover more area but is adhesive only. Has anyone...
  2. Accessories
    Any opinions (or actual experience) of the following hood deflector? I don't really care for the short OEM or similar products (the short ones that end at the inside of the headlights). Or any recommendations for full width...
  3. Gen 2: 2002-2006 (UK 2002-2007) CR-V
    Mice have destroyed mine. Any suggestions where I can buy another online?
  4. Greetings & Introductions
    Good day all. I have an annoying whistle noise from under the hood when I decelerate from 30 km down to 15. Very time. I have the 1.5 L turbo. The dealer said it was a bad weather seal under the hood and replaced it. No change. Still whistles. I have 2 coworkers with 1.5L turbo CRV’s and...
  5. Gen 4: 2012-2016 (UK 2012-2017) CR-V
    Any one know how to accelerate rpm under hood honda crv 2015. Not sure we can do it or not. Thank you
  6. Gen 5: 2017-2022 (UK 2018-2023) CR-V
    I just noticed that the front hood slightly moves when locked- meaning you can shake it- is that normal?
  7. Do-It-Yourself / Mods
    Hey! So last year, I got into an accident with a deer and it pushed the right(?) side of my hood up. I can't really afford a mechanic to move it back and I would highly prefer to move it back myself. I have some pictures of my hood at the bottom. Thank you! :)
  8. Do-It-Yourself / Mods
    Has anyone added aftermarket struts to lift their hood and do away with the prop rod in the middle of the hood? Today I was doing some work on mine, and through it would be nice. I see kits on eBay selling for around $60. Mainly I am wondering if they hold the hood open farther than the...
  9. Accessories
    I am looking at getting a Weather Tech hood decflector for my 2015 CRV but I am having a hard time finding a picture of it installed. It doesn't show it installed on a crv on the website and unfortunately google images isn’t giving me much either. Anyone have a picture of their 2015 with this...
  10. Accessories
    Where can I buy a after market hood/bug deflector for my 2018 Honda CRV Touring model?
  11. Gen 5: 2017-2022 (UK 2018-2023) CR-V
    Today I must sadly admit my minor DIY failure... It's a good practice to set the oil cap somewhere where it will prevent the hood from closing to keep you from forgetting to put it back on. On my last car, a B5 Passat, the wiper cowl worked great for this, as the firewall was at the base of...
  12. Accessories
    I'm looking for a clear air deflector for my 2018 CR-V. All I can find is "Smoke" or tinted. I want to paint it my body color Thanks
  13. Gen 5: 2017-2022 (UK 2018-2023) CR-V
    Hi all, I've had issues several times with the hood latch sensor being misaligned on my CRV, beginning only a week after I purchased it new in September 2017. It started with walk-away lock not working, and the alarm going off by itself several times. Took it to dealer, they let me know it was...
1-13 of 109 Results