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  1. Replacing Hooks in the Back of a 2017

    Problems & Issues
    In the back of my 2017 CR-V there are hook type things on each side. Does anyone know how to remove these? I want to see how they are made to see if there is someway to replace these with something like a ring instead of a hook so I could attach bungee chords to them. Picture attached Thanks
  2. 2018 Rear Cargo Hooks

    2017 - Present Official Specs, Features, Etc. (Gen
    Went from a 2016 to 2018 so far love the car but wife doesn't like that they did away with the kooks on each side in the cargo area. Now there is no place to hang grocery bags that have stuff in them that roll around like Coke bottles, milk containers, etc. What are you all doing .....don't care...
  3. Missing plastic grocery bag hooks - rear cargo area

    Dear Honda: (Feedback Forum)
    My 2002 CR-V has small plastic hooks in the rear cargo area which allows a person to hang plastic bags full of groceries. In my 2017 CR-V, the only hooks in the rear cargo area seem to be for the webbing tie-downs. I understand you're trying to sell consumers Cargo Trays but come on! I just...
  4. Hangar Hooks

    2017 - Present Official Specs, Features, Etc. (Gen
    Hey Everyone, Been watching this forum for a while as I geared up to start shopping for a 2017 CR-V. Can anyone tell me if there are hangar hook in the trunk? I know they're next to the passenger seats in the back, but couldn't find any indication as to whether they had them in the trunk as...
  5. Net hooks in the trunk

    2017 - Present Official Specs, Features, Etc. (Gen
    I'm just wondering if anyone with '17 touring got two hooks in the trunk for putting net(envelope style). There is just one hook on the left side in mine. Salesperson told me that because touring has speaker on right side there is no second hook. Anyone with the same issues?
  6. 2007 EXL Cargo hooks Install

    Hi everyone, New to the CRV :) Had a Honda Pilot and loved its Trunk Cargo hooks, but It seems the CRV has none? Why? I tried using a command strip for a hook and it won't stick. Any Suggestions? I miss cargo hooks lol Thanks :) Also where is the Forum search thing? I must be oblivious or...
  7. 2010 LX - Hooks in the trunk area ideas

    I have the new 2010 crv LX and I have read you can buy hooks to put in where the hard cargo lid would normally go. Just wondering if anyone has ever found some hooks at a hardware store or any ideas how much they are from the dealership. I am from london, ontario when everything seems to cost...
  8. Hooks On The Center Console Table??? What Are They For????

    Hi all, I was wondering if anyone knows what the little hooks are for on the front of the table/center console are for? I imagine one could attach a little trash can or something to them. Definitely not big enough to hold my wife's purse-(course that's the thing we tried to do first)...
  9. Cargo area grocery bag hooks

    Hi everyone! We've got a 2010 EX. I noticed in the owners manual that the LX comes with 4 removable hooks that snap into where the folding deck lid attatches on the EX. Would be nice to keep grocery bags from moving around (and spilling contents) on the trip home from the store. Our Honda dealer...
  10. 2005 CRV Floor Mat Hooks

    Problems & Issues
    Hi - Please can somebody identify which model CRV these floor mat hooks are for? I bought some Original floor mats from a Honda Dealer (by post) and these hooks do not appear to fit my 2005CRV (the floor mats are correct) and look different from the illustration (pdf attached) supplied with the...