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  1. 2002 or 2.0 gen on 5+hour road trip... your experiences?

    Gen 2: 2002-2006 CR-V
    I want to take out my 2002 on a 6 hour roadtrip. car has 130k miles and i'm the 3rd owner. never been wrecked. new tires. no engine lights. running fine. anything i should consider?? should i trust it??
  2. Help with switching my cruise display from Kilometers back to miles per hour

    Problems & Issues
    I hope someone can please help me. I have a 2016 Honda CRV as I have for the second time somehow had the display on my cruise display switch from Miles per hour over to Kilometers per hour. I want to learn how to switch it back into Miles per hour. Thanks, Bob
  3. Only 1 hour left for the Cyber Monday Great Discount

    Only 1 hour left for the Cyber Monday great discount for Accessories CR-V 2015
  4. Discount Tire on Bower Power Hour

    Discount Tire
    Avid off-road enthusiast and Bower Power Hour host, Charlene Bower, interviewed Discount Tire's Senior Vice President, Mark MacGuinnes. Mark shares some Discount Tire history and how the company has evolved into who they are today. ABOUT POWER HOUR Bower Power Hour is a weekly, two hour...
  5. 01 GROWLS AT 20+ miles per hour

    Problems & Issues
    Help! please, my daughters 01, 4 wheel drive has developed a growl, at 20 mph. I checked the axles, fluids good in the transaxle, I believe, the wheel bearings are ok, but I have not dis assembled them. help!!
  6. noise problem at 60-70 miles per hour

    Problems & Issues
    Hello All! Great Forum! I have been reviewing the various noise issues posted. My Honda 2005 CR-V (45,000 miles) makes an intermittent loud buzzing rattle at about 60-70 miles per hour but quits when I go below 60 miles per hour. It sounds like it is inside the middle to right console. I...
  7. 12 hour old 2007 CRV-EX oil leak

    Problems & Issues
    I purchased a new 2007 CRV EX on Thursday, March 29th. This was my first new car and first Honda. I took the vehicle home and everything seemed ok. In the morning, I found oil dripping from the engine. It turns out that the main rear engine seal is defective. This type of repair involves...