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  1. 2005 crv uk vin tail light light housings????

    Problems & Issues
    HELP !!! I just boughta 2005 CRV with UK vin starting with S looking for rt tail light housing that has red and clear lenses all i can seem to find for uk built have amber lens at top 05-06 i am baffeled any help
  2. What to use on Black Plastic Trim and Mirror Housings

    I have a 2011 CRV, and noticed the black plastic trim on the door window posts is starting to fade. My side view mirror housings are also looking a little worse for the wear, thanks to a lot of bugs smash residue... anyone know anything good to use to bring some new life back to the black trim?
  3. 98 cr-v evaporator housing-s temperature sensor connector

    Problems & Issues
    Hello Everyone, Just got done replacing heater core in my 98 cr-v and I am putting it all back together. My question: what does the A/C evaporator housing-s temperature sensor connector connect to? I cant get the a/c to work until this connection is made. I attached a photo of what the...
  4. OEM Gen 4 HID Housings

    Do-It-Yourself / Mods
    I am interested in swapping a set of euro headlight housings on my US cr-v and looking for information. I have some family over there, however I am not sure of the cost or install procedures/difficulty. Any input is appreciated. I am also interested in swapping in some EM turn signal mirrors...
  5. FS:OEM 2012 CR-V Headlight Housings

    Trading Post
    removed from the car at 2000 miles, they are in perfect condition and include the bulbs. no broken tabs, cracks, leaks, or scratches. i don't need them since i swapped them out for jdm hid's. $350 picked up in la verne, CA cash payment only -or- $400 shipped within the lower 48 paypal...
  6. Removing 07-08 CR-V headlight housings

    Do-It-Yourself / Mods
    Hello- I just purchased an '08 CR-V EX-L in green tea metallic. I'm looking to buy projector headlights to help give the CR-V a much more sportier look in the front. Does anyone know what needs to be removed in order to remove the headlight housings? I don't believe there is a Haynes manual...