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  1. 2014 humming sound when backing up, help?

    Gen 4: 2012-2016 (UK 2012-2017) CR-V
    I have a 2014 CRV with 125,000 miles on it. Upon backing up, I get a loud humming sound coming from the rear of the car. It stops when not moving. If brakes are applied and I am still rolling, it is still there. The sound is not the brake pad wear indicator - not screechy like that, more of...
  2. Constant humming sound from front right wheel after curb hit

    Problems & Issues
    Long story short my wife slid into a curb and took a considerable hit to the right front wheel. The steering wheel was shifted 20 degrees to the right and the right lower control arm was bent. I had the control arm replaced, a bent rim replaced, and the wheels aligned but the car is still...
  3. new 2018 CRV - annoying humming sound from tires/wheels/bearings?

    Gen 5: 2017-2021 (UK 2018-2022) CR-V
    Hi everyone, Brand new to Honda and CRV (just got my first CRV last week!) 2018 EX. Absolutely loving the upgrade from my old 2007 chevy cobalt - finally have room for all my camping gear! Except for a puncture in a tire on day 2 from a screw (repaired before it went flat) and a visor that fell...
  4. 2018 CRV - Humming noise from tires/bearings/something else??

    Gen 5: 2017-2021 (UK 2018-2022) CR-V
    Hi everyone, Just picked up my brand new CRV Ex last week (my very first honda!) After 11 years with my trusty Chevy coblat it was time for the upgrade :) Loving the car and the roominess of it. Had my first puncture on day 2 (large screw, didn't go flat thankfully and they fixed it...
  5. 2006 CR-V SE - intermittent buzzing/ humming noise after automatic trans swap

    Problems & Issues
    Hello All, I've searched through the forum archives, but don't see where any other owners have experienced the issue I'm asking about here. The automatic transmission in my UK-built, 2006 CR-V SE failed back in MAR 2018 at 205k. I purchased a used trans with torque converter from a salvage...
  6. 2018 CRV humming sounds after fully warmed up

    Problems & Issues
    Got the car end of 2017, 3500 miles now, 2018 touring. Car is drive fine and quiet all the way until it fully warmed up (Keep driving for a while after water temperature reach the middle bar), I can heard very strange humming sounds inside the car, a high pitch sound, from the front, as from...
  7. 2018 CR-V intermittent humming noise between rear wheels

    Greetings & Introductions
    On 12/1/17, I purchased a 2018 CR-V EX-L which my wife and I thoroughly enjoy. One curiosity question: going into the garage late one evening, I heard a humming noise coming from the area between the two rear wheels. It sounded like a small fan running. Was not very loud at all. Started the...
  8. Humming sound from rear on acceleration and higher pitch on de celeration

    Problems & Issues
    I know this is common .Mine is a 1998 with 2017 kilometres. Ive had the car nearly two months and driven 1,000 klms then fitted two new front tyres Yokohama brand . Since then ive noticed the rear humming . Can it be caused by a difference in circumferance between new tyres at front with worn...
  9. Humming sound and "clunk" or "tok" sound when braking.

    Problems & Issues
    1. I have a 2002 automatic transmission. And when it's cold start no humming sound inside the car. When it reaches it's normal temperature the car start doing this weird sound like humming or having a vacuum sound inside the car. But that sound appears above 700RPM but when it's below 700RPM the...
  10. Humming sound HELP maybe somebody experience it.

    Gen 2: 2002-2006 (UK 2002-2007) CR-V
    I have a 2002 autotmatic transmission. And when it's cold start no humming sound inside the car. When it reaches it's normal temperature the car start doing this weird sound like humming or having a vacuum sound inside the car. But that sound appears above 700RPM but when it's below 700RPM the...
  11. 2002 CRV Humming Noise

    Problems & Issues
    I had this humming issue when transmission was replaced months ago: We really can't find the source of the noise. We have checked everything, engined was tuned-up, tranny was also swapped just to see if the humming goes away but it didn't. The noise is triggered...
  12. 2011 Honda CRV Humming Sound

    Problems & Issues
    Fellow CRV Owners... Wanted some opinions on a humming sound coming from what sounds like the rear. Car has 75k miles on it. Been told it could be bearings but mechanic used sound scope and could not hear anything. Searching online replacing rear differential fluid could help. I tried the...
  13. Humming sound from 2015 cr-v

    Problems & Issues
    hello, im a owner of a brand new 2015 honda cr-v in Malaysia, anyone knows if this is a wheel bearing failure sound? it only happens from 80+ km/h onwards, on a 3k km car. 2015 honda cr-v Thanks in advance
  14. 2007 crv humming noise

    Maintenance and Service
    Hello Everyone, My 2007 crv is making a humming noise when I'm either at stop light or slowly turning coming from steering. It may not make sense, but today when I was at light if I slightly turn my steering wheel the humming noise would get louder. Anyone experience this?
  15. Humming Noise after turning ignition off

    Problems & Issues
    My 2007 Honda CRV EXL recently began making high pitched squeak or hum for about 3-4 seconds after turning engine off. At first I thought it was a fan bearing, but I looked under the hood and it's coming from something in the front of the engine. I discovered the engine doesn't have to be...
  16. Whining / humming noise in Summer

    Problems & Issues
    Here is basic info regarding my car 2007 CR-V 5S AT 2WD EX. Other than regular oil change, tire routing, no other services have been performed. In recent 2-3 years, it started to making a mid to high pitched whining or humming sound in summer time, and here are some characteristics that I...
  17. Bump+Turning= Humming Noise & Starter?

    Problems & Issues
    I have a 2013 CRV with 16,000miles on it. (I drive 100miles a day to and from work). I bought it brand new @ 18 miles. I just had the VTC replaced, it went bad at 4,000 miles and had been fighting Honda dealerships over getting it fixed. Most said it was normal. Even got corporate involved...
  18. Loud humming noise when rear wheel drive engages

    Performance Modifications
    1998 honda crv ex 5 speed awd. Since we had a nice snow storm in ny i got to utilize the awd in my crv. I noticed when one of the rear wheels start to spin it makes a loud humming. Once it stops slipping the sound is gone. Could it just need a differential fluid change? Any advice will help...
  19. 2007 CR-V has humming sound when backing out of garage

    Problems & Issues
    I just purchased this 2007 with 63,000 miles on the CR-V. This humming sound with a little vibration happens when I am backing out of the garage and moving very slow. Also, if I put it in drive and move back up to the garage ever so slowly, the sound is still there. After I start driving...
  20. High pitch humming noise from rear

    Problems & Issues
    Hello I been driving my 2010 CRV 2WD for almost 4 years, a few days ago the car started making this HIGH pitch humming noise from the driver side rear tires (i think, it sounds like it is coming from there). The noise only occurs sometimes, and when I press on the brakes it goes away, sometimes...