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    If you are a kind of person who cares about how your Honda looks from inside and out, you know for sure that during the cold winter season carpeting requires much more attention. To help you keep your interior clean, dry, and securely protected from damaging elements and spills, we've recently...
  2. Gen 5: 2017-2022 (UK 2018-2023) CR-V
    Disappointed with Husky Liners. They have a hole after just 8 months of use. I kept them (Dirty in this picture).Dealing with the vendor on getting a new pair. Should have gone with Weather Tech. Never had problems with Weather Tech liners. My previous ride had Weathertechs that were still...
    Great news from CARiD! Purchase any Husky Liners product and get 10% OFF the original price. Don’t wait! Prices are already reduced. This offer is valid through March 26, 2018. Adding a set of floor liners is a great way to keep your interior protected from dirt, sand and spill out. Husky...
  4. Gen 5: 2017-2022 (UK 2018-2023) CR-V
    Does anyone have any experience with Husky vs Weathertech floor mats? I've never had either one. I see that Husky has the front and rear mats for the 2017 CRV available now for $161.95, while Weathertech has only the front mats available for $109.95. They look to be quite similar.
  5. Accessories
    Husky Weather Beater Liners. Works great and protects the carpet!
  6. Accessories
    Hi All, Am selling my front Husky Floor liners/mats for my 2011 V - almost brand new - $75 OBO - have just sold my V so won't fit in the new car. PM me if interested - local offers only - am in Toronto. Geek.
    There is virtually no other product available on the market which could protect your vehicle's floor better than the custom-fit floor and cargo liners made by Husky Liners! Dirt, ice, melted snow, and muddy paw prints of your pet are not a danger for your interior anymore. The company set the...
    No matter if you are an outdoor enthusiast, owner of 6 dogs or just live in highland area or in the tropics. Husky products are all about the functionality and overall protection of your ride. The company brings car interior and exterior protection to the whole new level. So if you've just...
    It’s been a while since our last sweepstakes... This time Husky Liners and CARiD present an amazing offer you just can't ignore! Are you a NASCAR fan? Do you get thrill at the idea of seeing racing from point of view of Brian Scott, a driver of the Husky Liners #2 Camaro? Then don't miss a...
  10. Accessories
    Does anyone have experience with both? I ordered the OEM Honda and when i got it yesterday I was not all that impressed. It is very thin and flimsy and doesnt sit very nicely right out of the box. I was thinking about trading it for a gray Husky Liner. I got the oem all weather mats that I am...
  11. Accessories
    Does any one have any suggestions for the floor liners (not mats) for 2012 honda crv. I realize that there are reviews for weathertech on the forum but not for ( I didn't see any) Husky WeatherBeater liners. I live in Chicago and winters are kinda bad here. I need to protect the carpet with no...
  12. Trading Post
    I have a full set of Husky Floor Liners that are custom vehicle specific for a Generation 1 Honda CRV (1995 - 2001) and came out of my 2001 Honda CRV. They are gently used as I bought them in October of 2009 for about $255.00 including tax for the whole 5 piece set (front 2, rear seat 2 & rear...
1-12 of 13 Results