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  1. Diesel CR-V
    Hello guys. Could you guys please help me with diagnosing what could be the cause for metal grinding or whistling sound on my Honda CR-V, 2007, manual, diesel. It appears once the engine is at operating temperature. Thanks!
  2. Greetings & Introductions
    Proud to own this car since 1 month ? Just replaced the alternator on dealer warranty but I heard it is common for this model. Have "dvd reading an error" but I found plenty of info on the forum and will try to clean the laser lens. Hope will help. Just say hello to everyone in the club
  3. Diesel CR-V
    Hi, hoping to get some advise from those in the know! I have a 2008 CRV I-CTDI 2.2 UK model. We have heat issues in that the car won't start after it is warm also unless the error PGM-FI comes up when key is turned it will not start so both come hand in hand, after a 20minute journey or hot day...
  4. Do-It-Yourself / Mods
    Wrapping the Dash & center console with leather & alcantara Cr-v MK2 2006 ICTDI Everyone driving a CR-V mk2 have probably noticed the low quality of the plastic used everywhere in the vehicle... even for the dash! I know that probably is silly spending a lot of money on a car that year for...
  5. Diesel CR-V
    There is a solenoid sitting on top of the gearbox which I believe is a linear solenoid. Does anyone know what it does?
  6. Diesel CR-V
    My oil light came on and stayed on. The oil level was ok. Changed oil, filter and oil pressure sensor switch but the light stays on. The only time the light went off was when I disconnected the cable off the sensor switch. I was hoping the switch was the problem but was disappointed to find the...
  7. Greetings & Introductions
    Just joined and hope not to have to use the forum too much ?? Iv an oil leak, a cruise control that dont work and heated wing mirrors that dont heat and apparently theres no power going to the mirrors. The oil leak cant be ignored but not fixing it until it warms up a bit outside. Its appearing...
  8. Diesel CR-V
    Ok so I have had my 59 plate Honda CR-V diesel for a few days now. Did a service today changed the oil with castrol 0w30. When I took the old oil filter out it had plastic ends on the top and bottom. The new one I put in made by Bosch was just paper, no plastic top or bottom? I was thinking...
  9. Diesel CR-V
    On three occasions on one day I experienced sudden loss of power. There was a slight bang from the radio as it happened but no light indications on dashboard. Lost steering, engine & electrics. Re-starts straight away. The previous day it had made the same sound but I only lost the radio and sat...
  10. Greetings & Introductions
    Hi, just used guide to change rear diff oil on my 2006 ctdi-sport. Had no problems & the knocking has gone, so joined the forum to show my appreciation.
  11. Diesel CR-V
    A local garage has pointed out that the mounting rubbers on a "Balance weight" have failed. This item is dead centre under the tail end of the car. The mechanic says that he has taken them off before and the car doesnt miss it, I don't know what it is supposed to do - anyone know anything about...
  12. Diesel CR-V
    I think the turbo whine as it runs up is louder than previously. My 2005 has done 159000 miles always with good oil, has anyone had to replace their turbo please - at what mileage, and what happens when it goes? Big cloud of smoke? Cheers.
  13. Diesel CR-V
    Hi all, firstly may I say a big HELLO to you all as this is my first thread with this forum, I would simply like to know could an unmodified 2007 reg Honda CR-V i-CTDi run fine all year round in the UK on 100% WVO or is there a need for any adjustments, eg: a fuel heater to heat up the WVO or a...
  14. Diesel CR-V
    I have recently bought a CR-V 2.2 i.ctdi sport. I can only manage to get around 38.5 mpg. I drive in a conservative manner and don't race through the gears but I can't seem to be able to improve my mpg. The journey I do every day is around 12 miles each way. My brother has the same model and...
  15. Diesel CR-V
    Hi Guys, Does anybody know where to obtain information regarding routine servicing of the diesel 2.2 i-CTDi engine? I've a 2005 FR-V with this engine and after some poor experiences with a couple of main dealers I would like to service the car myself come its third birthday. I can't find any...
1-15 of 22 Results