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ignition control module

  1. 1999 CR-V No Start

    Problems & Issues
    Hello all, I have a new problem that just reared its head. About a month ago the car was not starting on first key turn, so I would take the key out, re-insert it and then it would start. It also died on me twice while driving, no warnings or anything. Both times when it died it was less than 5...
  2. Best Brand for Gen1 (98) CRV Ignition Control Module?

    Maintenance and Service
    Anyone have a recommendation on a good, reliable brand Ignition Control Module for a 1998 CR-V? I see them on RockAuto from $30 to nearly $150 and have priced them on the street to over $200 at the local NAPA store. They can't all be the same? What do you guys think of Standard Motor...