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  1. Did you know HID and LED headlight "upgrades" were illegal?

    2017 - Present Official Specs, Features, Etc. (Gen
    I have never been in a car forum before researching the purchase of a CR-V, so this may be something that's obvious and ignored by many, but this forum got me interested in upgrading our EX-L headlights to LED... until I did a little research. It immediately should be obvious when you see...
  2. Illegal, I need some advice!

    Mobile Electronics
    Illegal, I need some advice bro lol :rolleyes: First of all what would you recommend for speakers? I know the 1st Gen can only handle a 6 1/2. I currently got the Type S alpine for the fronts but the two way speakers dont sound that much better. Is there enough space to put a component system...
  3. What is the BIG THREE???

    Under The Hood / Performance
    Hi everyone, i was looking the amazing V of ILLEGAL, and in some post they talk about a BIG THREE... i just see 3 big ground cables on the locations marked on the picture... how this affect to the perfomance? what i need to do this?
  4. QUestion for Illegal

    Mobile Electronics
    Or anyone else who knows: When I was driving the 2007 Si my uncle-in-law has, during my two weeks to Arizona trip (while I wasn't worried about the 3rd gear shooting out of it's position while de-clutching) I looked at the stereo... it covered most of the dashboard... pretty much all of it...
  5. illegal's first gen hood dampeners

    DIY Center
    No pics yet, soon to come. So instead of buying those $100+ Tien hood dampeners, and after waiting for a set in a trade for a few weeks, I got tired, and went and got some hood dampeners of a 1995 acura legend and fabed them on the crv. I was looking for 92-95 civic hatch glass struts, but...