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  1. 2018 CRV immobilizer light flashing

    Problems & Issues
    3 month old car, never really noticed until last night but only when the car is Locked the immobilizer light is flashing, is this normal? Looked in the manual not too much info in there. thanks
  2. Security System Indicator or Immobilizer System Indicator

    2017 - Present Official Specs, Features, Etc. (Gen
    I was looking over the owner's manual and on Page 91 it talks about a small, red blinking light on the right side of the instrument panel (next to the right blinker arrow). Under the "On/Blinking" column it reads: "Blinks if the immobilizer system cannot recognize the key information." Under...
  3. Immobilizer is immobilizing

    2007-2011 Official Specs, Features, Etc. (Gen 3)
    Greetings All. We have a 2007 CRV AWD leather nav w/ 80,000 miles and it has intermittent & predictable Immobilizer problems. I'm stumped. dealer is stumped, HondaLine is guessing. any input welcomed. here are the symptoms: there is a dichotomy, one of 2 scenarios happens every time. 1...
  4. Everything is wrong after i replaced my entire ignition and immobilizer unit (inc new

    Problems & Issues
    Someone tried stealing my car, they seemed to have used a heat gun to try and get the ignition cylinder out but what they did was burned and melted the entire immobilizer unit receiver antenna and gutted my ignition cylinder. So I replaced the entire combination unit with one I bought online...
  5. immobilizer problem ?

    1999-2001 Official Specs, Features, Etc. (Gen 1.5)
    I have a 2001 crv with a starting pproblem,the engine cranks and has a spark.I have read somewhere that not all MKI crv were fitted with factory immobilizers and not 100% that mine has one fitted.I checked my owners manual and there should be a key symbol that lights up on the dash for a couple...
  6. Honda Cr-v 2002 immobilizer, Remove?

    Problems & Issues
    Hi, I have removed the immobilizer on Nissan 200sx before so i know that its possible to do, Tho ppl dont like when you post how its done online.. :P The question is if someone already have done this on the Cr-v and possible wants to share this? Its alot of work figuring it out.. But...
  7. Possible immobilizer issue. Stranded twice. Looking for advice.

    Problems & Issues
    Hi everybody. I am new to the forum. I have a my 2015 CR-V (petrol) with about 1000 miles on the clock. I recently experienced a problem where, after having left the vehicle locked in a car-park for 10 minutes I was not able to re-start it. I tried locking and letting it go to sleep for ~15...
  8. FS 2000-2001 Honda CRV LX 2WD Automatic ECU with Key Ignition Switch Unit

    Trading Post
    Selling a 2000-2001 Honda CRV LX 2WD Automatic ECU & Key Ignition Switch Unit with the keys. All are OEM Honda parts. In good working condition. I thought I needed to replace mine, but I ended up selling the car. If you are having issues with your own ignition switch, this will help resolve it...
  9. 07 CR-V - Immobilizer sometime does not unlock when ignition key turn

    Problems & Issues
    Dear all, after reading few post about the immobilizer (green key flashing when starting the car) and trying all the trick i found on the web, I am coming to you : I owne a CRV 2007, and it worked perfectly until the battery died. I went to a garage to change the battery and now the car is...
  10. 07 CR-V Green key flashing, crank no start, immobilizer problem?

    Problems & Issues
    Intermittent crank but no start, green key flashes. I have tried different keys and changed the batteries in the keys. Seems to only do it after long period of sitting. Car battery is new. The remote keyless entry will stop working too. If I wait for the light to stop flashing it will usually...
  11. Immobilizer problem

    Problems & Issues
    Hi everyone. I've got problem with immobilizer in my CR-V. The connecting cable (to immobilizer ) fried and I had to cut it. I made new connection to the plug. I wrote down colours of the cable isolation, but something went wrong and I have lost this note. In result engine won't start. I need...
  12. Immobilizer Problem

    Problems & Issues
    I have a friend overseas in Liberia who has a Honda CRV 2005. Key will not start the car and green immobilizer light blinks. The problem is there is not a certified Honda dealer there to reprogram the car if he orders a new system. My question what else can be done to get the car going ? Is...
  13. 97 cr-v immobilizer promblems

    Problems & Issues
    My car won't start,i've noticed the green immobilizer light on dash board aint coming on when my key is 1st put in the ignition, any ideas about the problem or any solutions?????
  14. What years did the CRV get the immobilizer for the Gen1?

    Mobile Electronics
    My cousin just bought a 97 CRV EX with a bad motor and needs to replace it. We were wondering if the CRV had a immobilizer in the years 97. I've looked online and some say the car didnt come with it until 00 but on some honda web sites it states that 98 was one of the first years to have it and...
  15. Starting or possible immobiliser problem

    Problems & Issues
    Hi all new member here. I bought a 2003 CR-V 2 litre petrol SE Sports (UK model) 8 days ago. Yesterday I ran into a problem that might be down to my not yet understanding how the immobiliser works or might be something that needs fixing. What happened was this. I drove to collect my wife...
  16. Immobilizer System Indicator question

    Dear Honda: (Feedback Forum)
    I don't know if i am posting this thread at the right place! I just got the 2009 CRV EX. I can not tell if the car's stock immobilizer is active or being disable. I worry about it because the honda car dealer also installed an additional immobilizer system onto the car. He told me this extra...