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  1. using USB drive, music plays in incorrect order

    Gen 4: 2012-2016 (UK 2012-2017) CR-V
    I recently inherited my Dad's 2012 CR-V, and I'm having a problem when I play music stored on a USB drive. Although the information contained in the MP3 tags is correct, the songs don't play in the correct order - i.e., first number 1, then number 2, and so on. They're not even listed...
  2. Shameful Battery Incorrect Replacement Electrical Problem

    Performance Modifications
    Hands up - I put another battery in the CRV, in the rain and the dark using my phone as a torch and connected the terminals the wrong way wround. Queue sparks a good beep from the horn and now nada - no electrical activity when I turn the key. Does the CRV likely have a safety device so only...
  3. HELP!! Transmission Fluid/Flush already done. Incorrect fluid? What would you do?

    Problems & Issues
    Hello all; I bought an older CRV in really good shape which had a Tranny rebuild approx 50K ago. It was recommended to me that i do a Transmission Flush on my new to me 2000 CRV by a Honda CRV owner who's a friend of mine as a maintenance item- Thinking this was a good thing and taking his word...