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  1. Replacing Factory radio with In-Dash Navigation. I have questions.

    Mobile Electronics
    I have a 2009 CRV LX AWD and would like to replace the factory radio with an aftermarket unit. There is a website called carjoying that sells Android head units for around 400.00. My question is, are these an easy install? They claim it is plug and play but I am skeptical. I was hoping to do the...
  2. 4th Gen iPad Mini in-Dash, Project: StreetMechaniX Way

    Mobile Electronics
    After watching this little clever video, I have decided rather than continue to use my iPhone 6 as a navi/over bluetooth as a music player, I will use an ipad mini which I already own Shopping List 1. Basic Double Din Kit (METRA 95-7802CH) $16 via best offer on ebay 2. $5 eBay hard case (to...
  3. Indash GPS

    Mobile Electronics
    Hi, I'm looking for indash gps for my Honda crv lx 2013. Dealer want to sell me one for 3,600$ they Wonder why it's so slow in the garage with those price... I look on eBay and find some for around 500$ but don't know if all the wire are avalable behind the stock radio. If someone already try it...
  4. Best fit In-dash unit for 2011 ex that will do it all (a2dp, auxin, gps, rear camera)

    Mobile Electronics
    Hello forum members, New member , first post. I have 2011 ex (no nav just the stock cd/radio player). I am looking to get an in dash unit that will give me the works. (phone bluetooth with a2dp music streaming via android phone, aux in on the unit, input for backup camera, gps, fm/am radio). I...
  5. 2012 EX Non-L. in-dash nav questions

    Mobile Electronics
    Im thinking about putting a Kenwood Excelon NX6990HD in my crv and I see Metra has a dash kit yet Crutchfield says double-din players don't fit which means they they aren't providing their usual kits. Anyhow, a few questions: 1) I assume that I will lose the ability to set the clock and change...
  6. Help with After Market In-Dash GPS '06 CRV

    Miscellaneous / General CR-V Discussions
    I'm having trouble installing my Pioneer U310BT GPS unit, although the questions I have are generic for any in-dash GPS. Mainly they focus on feeding wires to different parts of the car. 1. GPS antenna, 2. grounding wire, 3. GPS microphone. My first question is how to feed the GPS antenna...
  7. How to switch off in-dash 2008 navigator

    Mobile Electronics
    Hi all, I have a question on switching off the navigation system while I am on the move. I haven't been able to find an answer in the user manual. I have a European executive CRV with the navi system and on occasions, I would like to switch off the navigation system when I don't need to use it...
  8. 2005 2006 in-dash Navigation

    Mobile Electronics
    Hi, Does anyone have a good nav system to replace the stock radio/cd? Any idea if the 07/08 stock nav units will fit in the 06? Would like to see any pictures of a nav system installed in a 06 dash. Thanks!:confused: