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  1. Part # for 2005 CRV inline Auto Trans Fluid Filter

    Maintenance and Service
    Can someone help me please with the part # for a 2005 CRV in line transmission fluid filter? I heard there is one behind the radiator so I want to change it now.
  2. Flow direction of Magnefilter inline transmission filter - did I do it right?

    Problems & Issues
    I just installed a Magnefilter to replace the OEM inline filter on my 2004 CR-V EX AWD. Could someone confirm that the filter is installed the correct direction? Looking at the picture (from the front of the car) the filter label is pointing toward the driver's side (also, pointing toward the...
  3. 2015 Honda CR-V - Leaking Trans fluid from in-line module connected to radiator

    Problems & Issues
    I just put a new set of tires on my 2005, while in the tire shop, the tech mentioned that I have Trans fluid leaking from an in-line module in the front of the engine. This module is connected in-line between the metal tube in the front of the transmission and to the radiator. It has a rubber...
  4. Flow direction for Honda external in-line atf filter 25430-PLR-003

    Performance Modifications
    I bought a Honda external in-line atf filter, part #25430-PLR-003, and would like to install on my 1st gen CR-V. I understand from other posts which hose to install it in, but the problem is, how to orient the filter? Amazingly, it does not have a flow direction arrow or indicator on it. Does...
  5. Where is in-line transmission filter?

    Maintenance and Service
    I have an 2007 and want to replace the transmission filter. Does anyone know where it is? Also, is it directional? I am doing the transmission changes and figured I would replace the filter too. Thank you in advance.
  6. ATF Inline Filter 25430-PLR-003

    Maintenance and Service
    Has anyone changed this inline transmission filter out? It's on my dad's 2003 accord I4 AT and searching for this part, it's listed also for the 05 CRV. I didn't notice it when I drained/filled my tranny fluid last week.