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  1. 2000 CR-V Wearing rear tire on the inside

    Problems & Issues
    The rear drivers side tire is wearing pretty bad and was wondering if there is a toe adjustment like on the front??
  2. Removing inside door cover/ WTB service manual

    Mobile Electronics
    Need help, about to replace door speakers, and I see where I need to remove the cover inside the armrest and inside door pull, couldn't locate any other access I missing any.... Tried to purchase a service manual, but these are not being printed since 2012..... So maybe a 2 part...
  3. Changing ATF filter inside pan?

    Maintenance and Service
    Just curious to know if anyone ever bothers changing out their atf filters inside the trans pan? my car is coming up on 60k miles and ive changed the atf itself a few times now but was curious about changing the filter inside the pan. let me know what you think thanks
  4. inside windshield moisture

    Miscellaneous / General CR-V Discussions
    hello people; 13V here. How do you V owners get rid of that in the morning? In my old van it was never a problem and I rarely used defrost. My sister puts on her AC in defrost mode to clear it I believe. Any suggestions? IBBY
  5. Can't open driver door from inside or outside

    Problems & Issues
    Not sure how, and not sure why, but I can't open the driver door on my '04 CRV. The looks work, everything works, but the handles on either side of the car don't actually open the door. I presume I need to first get the door panel off, somehow, with the door still closed, and then figure out...
  6. ?Experience with back-up camera INSIDE back window?

    Miscellaneous / General CR-V Discussions
    Plan to install a back-up camera for safety reasons (small kids playing behind vehicle..) and since it seems I cannot get used to the limited back view of my 2005 CR-V. Anyone with experience of mounting the camera inside of the back window, instead of under licence plate? Is the angle of view...
  7. Truck opening from the inside

    Miscellaneous / General CR-V Discussions
    I'm new here and don't know if this should go here or somewhere else. Feel to move it or change it. I enter the back of my 2013 Honda CRV after many trail runs to take off my shoes/socks and to get cleaned up. However, one issue I'm having is that there is no good way to close or open it from...
  8. Location of VIN stickers inside engine bay

    Problems & Issues
    I am so glad I found this great forum. I learnt so much from all the posts. Thanks to all of you who contributed to the post. Picked up a month ago 2009 V with 61,000 miles. I found all the vin stickers in this car but no VIN stickers inside the engine bay. If I stand in front of the engine...
  9. Dead Moth Inside with Gauges

    Problems & Issues
    Help...I have a dead moth inside my gauge display casing (under the glass). Is there any way to get to this to remove it? It is driving me nuts! I have a 2000 CRV. Any suggestions would be appreciated. Thanks :)
  10. Does anyone's CRV start like this??? (video inside)

    Problems & Issues
    Sorry for the double post but did not get any responses when I added this video to an old thread. Does anyone's CVR pause and buzz like ours when the key is turned to the start position?? Dealer states that's suppose to happen with the CRV and its...
  11. STRONG Gas Smell inside this Brand New CRV 2012

    Miscellaneous / General CR-V Discussions
    Hi I recently purchased a BRAND NEW 2012 CRV. It was fine when I test drove there is VERY strong fuel odor inside the CRV. I took it in and there are NO leaks at all...they looked at everything..lines..tank..etc. There is no fuel spilled in the CRV that I can find..I have looked. I...
  12. 99 crv driver door won't open from inside

    Maintenance and Service
    Help! 99 CRV 4 door, with power locks. Problem: Driver door will not open from inside. I checked the diagram (20-9) but this is just for replacement of the door latch. I took off the interior door panel. The INNER HANDLE ROD was not seized at the handle or clip attachment. Where it...
  13. Honda Collection Hall Tour: Inside the Honda Museum

    Media News & Reviews
    It's every Honda fanboy's dream and last week during a technical seminar and product presentation we were treated to a look inside the Honda Museum. Located at the Twin Ring Motegi race track, the Honda Collection Hall is an historical walk-through of the automaker's street and race cars, as...
  14. HELP! CRV Trunk won't open from inside or out

    Problems & Issues
    Just bought a 02 CRV recently. Came back from vacation and my 02 CRV trunk won't open. I have tried manual button inside car and remote but it still won't work. Is there a secret lock that I am not aware of (sarcastically) or does anyone know how I can fix this without taking it to shop?:mad...
  15. Oil inside Oxygen Sensor connectors...How?

    Problems & Issues
    Just replaced an 02 sensor because oil got inside the connectors. How does this happen and how can I fix the problem?
  16. Removing Inside Rear View Mirror

    I am tall, and the rear wiew mirror on my car is too low. It block my view of traffic ahead to my right. Yes, I have raised the mirror. Yes, I have lowered the seat. Yes, I have tried slouching. :) I would like to remove the mirror, and its base, and attach (glue) it closer to the top of...
  17. New inside.

    Tires, Wheels, & Suspensions
    Got the rim put on today and love them..Sport Tuning T10..16X7.5 215/55/16 tires. Think I'm about done with the outside of the crv.
  18. Can't open my drivers door from the inside

    Problems & Issues
    I have a 2001 Honda CRV and I can not open my driver's door from the inside. The door opens fine from the outside, just not from the inside. I took the door panel off and noticed it looks like a little white plastic "thingee" that is broken. Does anyone know what that piece is called and...
  19. condensation inside the headlight covers

    Problems & Issues
    Does anyone know why this happens? How do I fix it?
  20. 1999 door locks wont lock or unlock from inside car

    Problems & Issues
    I have a 1999 crv and the door locks lock and unlock when using the key fob but if I try and lock the doors with the key in the door lock it will only lock the drivers door. This seems strange to me and Im not sure how to fix it?