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  1. Will a twin mattress fit inside?

    Miscellaneous / General CR-V Discussions
    My son needs to get some furniture to college (200 miles by highway) and wants to put a twin mattress (no box spring) in his 2004 crv to take with him. Anyone know if this will fit? He has a bedframe that does not require a boxspring so that should not be a problem. He was thinking the end...
  2. Gear Oil Smell inside my new V 2011

    Problems & Issues
    Has anyone had a sort of Gear Oil Smell in their 2011? I'm worried:( & Upset:mad: Help!:confused:
  3. uk 99 ES drivers door won't unlock from inside!

    Problems & Issues
    Have seen a few topics with similar problems. Mine though keeps having a funny turn where the drivers door won't undo from the inside.You can pull the handle and nothing seems to engage. You can go out the passenger door,and go and unlock it with the key and open with the handle no problem...
  4. Very wet inside 2006 crv

    Problems & Issues
    Hello everyone, Over the last few weeks I noticed I had been using more screenwash than usual,so yesterday I filled up with more and it was empty 10 mins later,all over the inside of the is -6 today,not the best for working in. I assume the supply hose feeding the rear washer runs...
  5. Replacing bulbs inside the dashboard

    Do-It-Yourself / Mods
    Hi everyone, Can anyone tell me, how to replace the bulb inside the VSA OFF switch, on a 2008 Honda CRV? Thanks! :)
  6. Are they the same oil filter (pic inside)

    Maintenance and Service
    2003 CRV WIX# 51356 2011 CRV WIX# 57356 I trade in my 2003 and purchase the 2011, I still have 2 oil filter left, spec are identical. Click pic for full size image
  7. How to clean INSIDE the back seat?

    My daughter threw up in the back seat yesterday. I thought I was good to go - leather cleans up pretty easily, right? Then I realized that some of it had run down into the cavity where the seat belt latches come up from inside the seat. I was able to get the inside of the seat belt clasps pretty...
  8. Strong Fuel Smell inside the CRV

    Problems & Issues
    Hi I recently purchased a 2002 CRV. It was fine when I test drove there is VERY strong fuel odor inside the CRV. I took it in and there are NO leaks at all...they looked at everything..lines..tank..etc. There is no fuel spilled in the CRV that I can find..I have looked. I don't know...
  9. Inside rear tyre wear on 2007 CR-V

    Diesel CR-V
    2.2 EX Diesel on 19” Dunlop SP Sport 01A 245/45ZR19 -98Y. This vehicle will be going in for 36000 mile service and MOT mid August, it is also having two more new tyres this makes 10 in total since new (4 when delivered, + 2 at 8000 mile, + 2 at 25,000 and now two more at 35,000 miles) A quick...
  10. Inside Door Sills

    Gen 3: 2007-2011 CR-V
    Hi Folks, My CRV has some heavily scratched inside door sills - how easy is it to obtain and fit brand new ones - either OEM or (hopefully) more robust 3rd Party ones. Im in the UK.
  11. 03 EX inside driver door handle doesn't work

    Problems & Issues
    I just finished replacing the actuator on the drivers side door and was quite pleased that I managed to do this with all the instructions and diagrams I found on this site! All the locks now work however the inside door handle drivers door doesn't work and I'm not sure if I re-connected the...
  12. WTB, inside sunvisors

    Trading Post
    I need the inside sunvisors (both sides) for a '99 EX. All i've found in the wrecking yards are ruined. The previous owner of my V strapped CD carriers on both visors and crushed them good. Any leads on new or at least better ones? Thanks LR V2
  13. 2001 CRV door won't open from inside (paging tkcr!)

    Problems & Issues
    I got the panel off and there was nothing waving at me as being broken. This is for the driver's door. The door will still open from the outside, but the inside, though pulling the handle causes the bar to move and it seems to still be connected to the latch. I lubed the latch and it doesn't...
  14. Bad Headlight CRV 08: Leak/Water inside!!

    Dear Honda:
    Hi, I'm not sure how to describe or how to react on what I saw on my headlight and I'm also wondering if its normal or some kind of manufacturing defect or some breather thing on the headlight assembly but I just can't believed that an 8 months old car headlight and very seldom used car could...
  15. CRV door won't open from the inside!

    Problems & Issues
    Help! My 2001 gen 1 CRV's front passenger door won't open from the inside. It opens from the outside though. Locking and unlocking is fine. But the inside door handle just doesn't seem to do anything. It is like a child lock is on but there's no such thing on the front door. Any tips on...
  16. Help! Burning smell from inside engine.

    Problems & Issues
    I just went to change my oil and I drove my 2000 CRV onto ramps. I had to do it twice because I didn't go up all the way the first time and I did ride the clutch some (manual trans AWD). When I got to the top and turned off the engine there was a burning smell from the front of the engine...
  17. 99 CRV Driver door won't open from inside or outside

    Problems & Issues
    I have a 99 CRV that the driver door won't open. Outside handle and inside handle doesn't work. When I put the key into the driver door handle, it seems like the key won't turn all the way to the right to fully unlock the door. When I try to manually pull the lock up from the inside it seems...
  18. Smells like gasoline inside

    Problems & Issues
    I drove my wife to work the other day as it was snowing. After dropping her off and while on my way to work, it smelled like gasoline inside my 08 CR-V. The heat was on, of course, but I opened the window to get rid of the smell and to find out if the source is outside. The smell disappeared a...
  19. Rusting on CRV07 inside all the door hinge bolts

    Problems & Issues
    The galvalized bolts have started rusting in less that 12 months and possible eat into the door frame. Read more about this at the link below
  20. Rusting inside the door of new crv 07 models

    Dear Honda:
    I just recently noticed rusting problems in all the four door hinge bolts and other bolts that are galvanized. Its in one of the hard to spot places. OPENED the door wide inspected all the galvalized nuts that attach the car door hinge to the door frame. Took them to a dealer who took...