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  1. gen1 intake installed

    Performance Modifications
    Installed a short ram intake on my 2001 CRV differences > still just as quiet under normal driving > noticeably louder under lots of throttle > 6k RPM under full throttle is LOUD. > very nice honda sound! Torque on the lower end seems a tiny bit lower, but upper end torque seems a tiny bit...
  2. installed intake on 1st gen any questions can be answered

    Performance Modifications
    instant more throttle response and some increase in hp defenitly worth the $30 no check engine light or problems heat shield $15 the intake was for a 1998 integra or any like it fit just perfect:cool:
  3. installed kyb rear struts on 07 crv, not too difficult

    Tires, Wheels, & Suspensions
    I just finished doing the rears on our AWD 07. I ordered the kyb gr-2's because one of the rears bled out its oil last week. It took me about 1 1/2 hrs each side, since I had never worked on this car before. I had to use my cheap harbor freight spring compressor, but really no other special...
  4. Have you installed a Parrot MKi9200?

    Hi, Has anyone installed a Parrot MKi9200? Iam in the UK so Iam right hand drive I know how to remove the Radio thanks to this video But I was wondering what's a good position for the parrot unit and what bracket I would need to fit it to the car? I dont really want to screw anything to the...
  5. 2012 CR-V JDM HID headlights installed =)

    Do-It-Yourself / Mods
    The low beams, high beams, halogen DRL's, and turn signals are all soldered using OEM connectors and wire loom. I have everything working except the LED DRL's which I'll connect to the parking lights once I receive the connectors. They're so clean! And before the naysayers start trolling, the...
  6. Installed Curt 13555 hitch with pics

    Racks, Hitches, & Towing
    I installed my Curt hitch this morning, it only took about 30 mins and was pretty easy. I used jack stands to hold the hitch up while I bolted it in. This thing is pretty heavy and a beast. It is definitely over kill for the CR-V. However, I'm not doing any towing with it anytime soon, I just...
  7. 99 Honda CRV--A/C Squealing since new system installed

    Problems & Issues
    I have a 99 Honda CRV, recently we had to replace the complete a/c system, except for the hoses. We used O’Reilly Auto parts. It now runs colder than it ever has but we have a problem with a squealing sound coming from the evaporator. It has twice blown up where all of the Freon was lost. I...
  8. Curt 13555 hitch installed!! 2011 crv

    Racks, Hitches, & Towing
    Hey guys I'm new to the forum. Been browsing the forum go a while. After searching for a recommend hitch I finally went and ordered a curt 13555 off amazon. Cost me like $145 shipped. Ordered on Sunday night and arrived Tuesday. I installed it this morning.took me no longer than 45 min. I would...
  9. Has anyone installed a Honda made 2011 Cargo Liner?

    Hi all, I see where Honda offers a cargo liner for 2011 CR Vs that looks like it is made out of fabric that goes up the sides of the cargo area. Anyone have this? Any thoughts on how hard it is to install? Thanks! Ed
  10. Kuhmo Road Venture SAT KL61 installed

    Tires, Wheels, & Suspensions
    Here are pics of the Kuhmo tires I purchased for the crv. I have about 750 miles on them now. They handle well and are quiet at highway speed. I went with 235 65 17 no change to the speedo and averaged 30 MPG form the U.P. back to Northeast WI. It was a little more that 200 one way.
  11. ASC Electric Sliding Sunroof - 2001 CRV Installed - Why is the ASC button flashing r?

    Problems & Issues
    I had the dealership install this ASC Electric Sliding Sunroof when I bought my CRV EX new (original) in 2001. It has both a back-tilt open option, as well as full-on sliding back to be completely open option. For sometime now, the ASC button has been flashing red. The sunroof works in the...
  12. Autometer 2-gauge pillar pod installed!

    Do-It-Yourself / Mods
    I was finally able to track down this pod. It has been discontinued but Jegs still has them. Search for autometer part 15500. Anyway, I used rivets, flexible 3m putty and SEM color matched paint to make a really nice looking pillar pod. (IMO) Pics:
  13. Has anyone installed VSS3000 or 4000 in a 2010 CRV EX-L Navi

    Mobile Electronics
    I was wondering if anyone has installed the VSS3000 or VSS4000. I like the idea of having a starter on the iPhone than another remote making my key ring that much bigger. If so, how was installation, how many additional parts were needed? Thanks for the input.
  14. Aftermarket Backup Camera and Backup Sensors installed in 11 CRV-LX

    Mobile Electronics
    My dad picked up a Silver 2011 CRV-LX last month. Very nice vehicle, looks very classy. Especially since the 2011 comes with a few upgrades even in the LX trim such as tinted glass and alloy wheels. Since I can't live without doing some sort of mod to a vehicle, and adding an amp and sub is...
  15. My 98 CRV with New Lights Installed

    Image & Video Gallery
    I got my CRV almost a year now. I always want to improve the lighting since the headlights are not that great to begin with. Anyway, I had a set of Hella 500 driving lights from my previous car that had been lying around for quite some time now. In the beginning, I was looking for a set of OEM...
  16. Installed JL Audio compact sub + tiny amp + active LOC (pics!)

    Mobile Electronics
    I previously reported installing Polk Audio db6501 6.5" component speakers in the front doors of my 2011 SE and powering them with just the factory headunit (click here). It sounded good at first but I later felt that the sound lacked bass impact and overall dynamics (sounded little...
  17. Headrest Monitors Installed on my 1st Gen

    Mobile Electronics
    Finished installing headrest monitors. Everything went smooth. I used Car Vision monitors made by Toshiba. I like the way the frame and the buttons looks. So here is my setup. Pioneer Avic D3 Headunit with Nav Rockford Fosgate Speakers Fornt & Rear Infinity Basslink Subwoofer Car Vision...
  18. installed new fog lamps

    I installed a OEM fog light kit on my gen 3 (2007) v today. Not bad to install, the hardest part was getting the cover off the steering wheel, to replace the switch, and/or the removal of the front bumper (always afraid those plastic tabs are gonna break) . What a difference it makes.... not...
  19. TPMS lite after new tires installed

    Problems & Issues
    had 4 new BF Goodrich Long Trail 102T intalled at COSTCO. after about 10 miles the TPMS light came on. drove about 100 miles it then off. now it's back on all tires have 30psi in them.
  20. H&R Springs Installed on a 2011

    Tires, Wheels, & Suspensions
    I replaced the stock springs on my CR-V with H&R Sport Springs (51822). The job took about 8 hours *but* I have a hydraulic lift and a lot of tools. One tool I really appreciate is a custom made strut shaft holder that allows removing and torquing the nut on the shaft. Honda's special tool is...