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  1. 2014 LX Amp/Sub integration cable source

    Mobile Electronics
    Anyone have a source for a pre-assembled, amplifier integration cable that will work with my 2014 LX 4-speaker? These cables go inline between the radio and the car harness, and add two (L&R) output ports with a line level converter so you can directly feed an amp or sub. Looking for...
  2. Sygic/iPhone/Hondalink integration

    Greetings & Introductions
    Hi all, I'm picking up my new 2015 CRV tomorrow and have been researching the Hondalink apps. Looks like Cygic is trying to get Honda to support their Nav running through Hondalink. It's already available in some countries. But it's not in Canada or the US yet. On their Facebook page I asked...
  3. lets talk ipod integration OEM vs Aftermarket

    Mobile Electronics
    so im kinda pissed about my radio, it took a little beta testing but if found out something quiet odd. the factory integration on my 2012 crv and my GF's 2012 crz suck's horribly! but connected via usb. there are no controls for the ipod, i can live with it. but i have to unplug the ipod to...
  4. 2012 CRV - IPhone Integration doesn't work, Navigation system way too complicated

    Dear Honda:
    My Wife and I love the new CRV except for the following technology issues: 1) Navigation system is too complicated and slow, particularly for making phone calls. Basically, it takes at least 3-4 pushes of talk button on steering wheel to do voice dialing. Any notion of improved safety is gone...
  5. Solution for 2011 CR-V LX w/ iPhone integration

    Mobile Electronics
    Hi all, I just leased a 2011 CR-V LX AWD. It's pretty basic with standard cd/radio and aux input. I wanted to see if anyone had a solution where I could possibly use my iPhone handsfree either by buying a mod or connecting to AUX. It would be nice if I could find a nice holder too. I've looked...
  6. The BEST solution for iPod integration in a 99-04 CR-V!

    Mobile Electronics
    A little gift I decided to give back as a thanks for finding this place and the instructions on how to take apart the dash etc. As of this posting, this kit is $7.19 brand new from this website. It truly was a painless install. Plugs right...
  7. Factory USB integration harness for EX?

    Mobile Electronics
    Hello all just picked up a 2010 EX and saw in the manual that the EX-L has an iPod harness in the upper dash. Is this available as a direct plug in for the EX?I see a bunch of aftermarket options but don't mind paying more for the factory one for the clean look. Thanks