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  1. Passenger Airbag indicator on Intelligent Multi-Information Display always on?

    Problems & Issues
    Hello all. Just brought home our new 2015 Honda CR-V EX AWD yesterday. The dealer is about 60 miles away and on my way home I noticed a "Passenger Airbag" indicator on the upper right of the I-MID. It looks like it is back lit. It does not say "OFF" underneath it (or "ON" for that matter)...
  2. Intelligent 4wd?

    Miscellaneous / General CR-V Discussions
    so i have a 2009 crv with the intelligent 4wd option. i know it is automatic and kicks in when the front wheels slip but is there any different sound or light on the gauge cluster that will notify you of when it engages? we recently had a snow/ice storm and as rough as the roads were i didn't...