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  1. LED Headlight Replacement and Radio Interference

    Hi All, I'm considering the change from Halogen to LED headlights, but I have read a lot of reviews and people are stating it has a negative impact on AM/FM radio stations (tons of interference once they installed the lighting). Has anyone installed LED headlights in their V yet and if so...
  2. Ignition interference

    Problems & Issues
    I use my Y2K CR-V for vermin control at night and get this audio interference when the engine is running if I use my Digital Video recorder. It did not happen in my old Pinin or my brothers Pajero (both petrol) The interference is not apparent on the video side - nor with a plain monitor. I...
  3. Interference Engine?

    Maintenance and Service
    Is the Gen1 engine? I have a 2000 CRV with 57K miles. Should I change the timming belt? Is it something that can be tackled with standard tools? Would I be in deep water if I do it myself?
  4. Sensitive speaker with interference noise on 08 crv

    Problems & Issues
    Finally I figured it out that the noise from the passenger side speaker is interference noise. As soon as I turned on my cell phone, the noise shows up. Can this problem be fixed?