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  1. Turn Signals not Working | E-Brake Light On Intermittenly

    1999-2001 Official Specs, Features, Etc. (Gen 1.5)
    Hey there, Just this morning my turn signals will not operate. Also, this has been happening for a while, the [BRAKE] light in the dash will come on while driving even though my e-brake is disengaged. It seems to come on while accelerating and will sometimes turn off when braking. Maybe the...
  2. tailgate window light blinks intermittenly on 2004

    The red light in the instrument cluster showing that the tailgate window is open blinks intermittently while driving. Can someone tell me exactly where this sensor/switch is located? If anyone has had this problem - are there any adjustments for this or does it usually need replaced? Thanks.
  3. car intermittenly stutter / misfire after engine wash

    Problems & Issues
    Hi!! I have problem with random misfire / stutter after I washed the engine with degreaser and hosed it off. The car will shake as if i'm riding a very old diesel car. and while the engine randomly stutter, it will become more apparent when i put the gear in R or D. I'm so lost what might cause...
  4. 08 CRV Check Engine is intermittenly coming on

    Problems & Issues
    Ive got an 08 CRV and the other day the Check Engine light came on. I tightened the gas cap and 2 starts later, it was off. Three days went by and it came back on... a couple of starts later and it's now off again... Couple of questions: 1) Are there any type of blink codes for the 08 that I...