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  1. 2000 CRV window Tracks jam and won't allow window to roll

    Problems & Issues
    I have replaced my drivers side window motor twice. This last time, I pulled the motor and noticed I couldn't even roll the window down by hand by pushing on the window. I took a bunch of white lithium grease and it seemed to help by putting it in the tracks. Worked maybe a day. Do these go...
  2. door jam connector wires falling out

    Gen 1: 1996-2001 CR-V
    2001 CRV. Some of the wires to the driver door connector are broken, so I am splicing in a new (used from junk yard) connector. A few of the wires on the connector have fallen out. I can't get the metal connector out in order to reconnect the wires. I have seen much on the internet about...
  3. CRV EX 2003 intermittent Shifter jam and high RPM

    Problems & Issues
    Hello friends, I joined the forum a couple of years back and information present in forum saved me time and money many times. I am writing this time to find root cause of an issue i am facing since an year or so. My CRV 2003 sometimes get stuck in P gear. I'll put a screw driver under shifter...
  4. jam nut adjustment tool

    Maintenance and Service
    I've spent two days online looking for a 9mm jam nut adjustment tool for my 2000 crv. I understand it is a 9mm nut. I do have a Powerbuilt 10mm jam nut adjustment tool for the 2006 crv. I like this tool and Schley, SD, and Alltrade do not make this tool in 9mm. Is there a store or manufacturer...
  5. How To Replace Drivers Side Door Jam Switch?

    Maintenance and Service
    How do I replace the drivers side replacing door jamb-switch on 2002 Honda Cr-v? The dealer want $57 to do it, I just bought the part at advanced auto for $5!
  6. overnight battery drain and dead door jam switch?

    Problems & Issues
    I have a 2004 CRV and last fall noticed 3 year old Wal Mart battery seemed to be on its way out, little cranking power in the morning. Replaced with another of the same and problem has continued, Problem is more severe after a cold night. Barely started after mid teen night yesterday. After...