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  1. Craftsman Tools, Jeep upgrades, Automotive Enthusiast Books, and More!

    Vendor Deals
    It's been another busy week, so we're bringing you the latest automotive-centric deals all in one lump this week. Deals on Jeep Upgrades from Morris 4x4 in the 12 Days of Building Sale Save Up To 55% on Craftsman Automotive Tools These Are The Best Books for The Car Lover on Your...
  2. 2018 Jeep Trailhawk

    Other Cars, Trucks and Bikes
    So I'm off on vacation, flying first to Phoenix, Arizona for a couple days, then drove North to Flagstaff, Arizona for a few days, and now I'm in the Las Vegas, Nevada area for 10 days visiting family. My rental "car" is a 2018 Jeep Cherokee Trailhawk. Nice sized, although there's not enough...
  3. Jumped from Jeep

    Greetings & Introductions
    I’ve been a happy Jeep Grand Cherokee owner since the model first came out (early 90’s?). Owned 4 different ones overall. Recently bought 2017 CRV Touring for better MPG, and just to have a newer car for long-distance drives. Not entirely thrilled with this car but hoping over time my issues get...
  4. Jeep doors

    Do-It-Yourself / Mods
    Has anyone ever moded the door hinges so you can take the doors off like a jeep. It might sound weird but i think it would look pretty cool. Building it for off road i have a first gen and if anyone has done it and has pics i can see it would be great
  5. just got a new jeep

    Other Cars, Trucks and Bikes
    well i have been busy with my new DD. i just got a 97' jeep cherokee (xj) Rustys 6'' lift 35'' Mud dawgs 4.56 gears ARB rear air locker and Detroit front K&N intake winch bumper w/ hella lights interior roll bar safari rack Tj flares full rusty's skids and thats just the beginning of the list...
  6. Any CR-V advantages over Jeep Compass/Patriot!?!

    Shoppin' and Test Drivin'
    Am actively in the market for a compact SUV. :cool: When comparing Jeep's Compass & Patriot Official Jeep Site - 4x4 SUV, Sport Utility Vehicle to the Honda CR-V Honda Cars Motorcycles Watercraft ATVs Engines Generators, Acura, we noticed key features that are helping us with our decision...
  7. For fans of the Jeep Patriot and Led Zeppelin...

    Other Cars, Trucks and Bikes
    A limited edition Led Zeppelin Jeep Patriot is being made over in the UK. Limited details about it...but the story is here.
  8. info on honda jeep 2000 plate

    Shoppin' and Test Drivin'
    Hi peeps, I`ve been looking round to get the wife a small used jeep. I was having a bike ride today and this nice looking jeep grabbed my attention. It`s a 2000 plate, 115000 on clock, very nice looking inside and out, for £2700. Basically it`s had a bump and been repaired, new headlight wing...
  9. Review: Jeep Compass

    Other Cars, Trucks and Bikes
    Compass takes wrong turn, cuts too many corners Full Detroit News review is here.
  10. DaimlerChrysler Rolls Out the 'Jeep Lite' [7.16.6]

    Other Cars, Trucks and Bikes
    Click here to read the entire article from the Washington Post