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  1. Jerky Acceleration TSB #A15-086

    Recalls, TSB's & Notices
    My 2014 CR-V, 4 cyl automatic trans shudders when accelerating just when "in the old days the choke was coming off - (like 1 minute after starting in summer, maybe 3 minutes after starting in the winter). I do all my own maint etc and the dealer - Hare Honda in Avon, IN said I needed to pay for...
  2. Why is my "D4" light illuminated? Why the jerky downshift?

    Problems & Issues
    I am having questions concerning my new-to-me '98 CR-V w/ 170k miles. 1) When I turn the ignition on, I have BOTH a Red Park light AND the Green D4 light in the shift indicator in the cluster when in Park. After the car starts, only the Red "P" shows until I shift into D4, when it properly...
  3. Jerky Acceleration & 'D' Light Blinking.

    Problems & Issues
    Hello all, I own a 2007 AWD EX CR-V, Automatic transmission. Problem: I have noticed the while the car shifts from 1st gear to 2nd gear. I feel a strong, jerk. These jerks started just a month back. And now, it stalls sometimes while driving in 'D'. My observation: After noticing this...
  4. 2007 CRV jerky electric power steering

    Problems & Issues
    Just got a 2007 CRV for my daughter and noticed that power steering is electric and not the usual "analog" I'm used to...well the feel is like its low on fluid, it moves with staggerd jerkyness. I took it to authorized Honda service and they found stored codes for low voltage to power steering...
  5. Jerky steering help

    Problems & Issues
    Hi guys, first post here :-) I bought myself a 2008 crv 2.2l diesel awd ex last week. It seems to have a problem with the steering. When I go over small bumps or pot holes the steering jerks in the direction of the bump I drive over, also when cornering the steering wheel seems to fight to...
  6. Rd1 jerky acceleration when hot

    Problems & Issues
    Hi and please help me. I have a 1999 RD1 LX5 (Manual Gearbox) CRV. The car accelerates smoothly when cold. But after switching off when warmed up after a 20km trip and when starting again acceleration is very jerky at low revs in all gears; almost like fuel starvation or an electrical fault...
  7. 2003 crv 2.0 auto engine jerky picking up speed - p1107 barometric pressure ...

    Problems & Issues
    HI The Crv has the EML light on, when driving, sometimes when driving hard to pickup speed, the engine starts jerking and loses power, if driven lightly, its drives fine. Scanner says P1107 - Barometric Pressure Circuit Low Input. Any ideas pls
  8. '03 CRV jerky gear shifting

    Problems & Issues
    I have an 03 CRV-LX (automatic transmission) that my dad gave to me a year ago. The car's running fine, but there's an annoying jerk whenever the car shifts gears. At the lower end of the gearbox (1st->2nd->3rd gear), there is a period where I'd notice the car would lurch forward or jerk as it...
  9. Jerky Starts

    Problems & Issues
    Hello. This is my first post, and I'm hoping someone here can help me. I have a brand new CR-V (2008 2WD EX 5AT) that tends to jerk (lurch forward) several times when I begin moving forward from a stop. It happens only when moving very slowly and stops when I build up any speed at all. It only...