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  1. New here from New Jersey

    Greetings & Introductions
    I'm new here but not new to the honda game... hope to enjoy this website and make new friends and assist to local meets.... Well let me intro my 99 crv awd, 152k bought all stock just short Ram intake.... so far I've done few things to keep up, I've really enjoy driving it. Its very fun...
  2. Honda Day 2011 @ Atco Raceway in New Jersey!

    Image & Video Gallery
    These are some of the pics I took at Honda Day... Enjoy! Unfortunately this was one of the only CRV's i saw that day. Lowered with prelude swirlies. I like the rims on this S2K. Mint CRX. Sporting some nice green wheels. About to drag. I luv the fit!!! J36 in an EK. The interga Type R...
  3. Please recommend a dealer/salesman in north jersey

    Shopping & Test Driving
    Seems like some of you guys are getting smoking deals on your CRV's. Can anyone recommend a dealer or salesman in the northern nj/tri-state area? Thanks