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  1. JET performance module, anyone try it?

    Performance Modifications
    I've been researching and only found this for a tuning device. I saw someone trying to get a petition signed for k-tuners, id be interested in signing it. Just wish there were more options as I come from a background of modable vehicles. Sorry I'm new here, and trying to pick some brains ;)
  2. Front Windscreen Washer Jet Blocked 2005 CRV

    Problems & Issues
    Hi, I'm looking for some advice for my friend's CRV. What seemingly should be a simple problem has turned into a long term saga. The washer jet on the front drivers side (RHD car) became blocked. I removed it, soaked it in cleaner and lots of black particles come out of the inside. Once...
  3. honda crv washer jet cover

    Gen 4: 2012-2016 CR-V
    Hi there My first post here! I am hoping you can help My passengers side headlight washer jet cover has come off or gone missing! Therefor when I wash my headlights this sides does not direct the water to the headlamp! Would any of you kind people know where I can get a replacement...
  4. broken headlight jet washer

    Problems & Issues
    ive broken off my off side headlight jet washer on my uk spec 2006 crv, does any body know if you have to remove the front bumper or can you get to it via removing the inner arch cover. honda dealer says bumper removal
  5. 2003 Honda CRV SE-Sport Headlamp washer nozzle jet broken

    Problems & Issues
    The replacement is £50 GBP from Honda here in the UK and its just not worth it. I'm struggling to find a scrap/breakers yard that have any either. It's the nearside (passenger) one I need. Or are there any blanking plates available to buy? does anybody know the part number? Thanks in advance...
  6. Honda Jet: will it have...?

    Miscellaneous / General CR-V Discussions Will Honda Jet have the "engine noise" and "vibration" at idle speed as 2012-15 CRVs do?
  7. 2008 CRV - Washer Jet Pressure Problem

    Problems & Issues
    H All, My 2008 CRV windscreen washer jets are working - but both have lost pressure. The rear works just fine and there is plenty of water in the reservoir. Any ideas? Obviously the pump is working (ref rear washer) - any thoughts? Mark
  8. Jet Power Programmer - Any Good

    Performance Modifications
    Anyone try one of these on the 3rd Gen CR-V? I have an '08 and was wondering if there is any benefit to the programmer. I have a (Jim Conforti) Turner Motor Sport chip in my Bimmer and it makes quite a difference.
  9. JET Performance 67021

    Performance Modifications
    Has anyone tried this JET Performance 67021 programmer on their V?
  10. 2003 head light jet washer

    Hi Please could someone help? I need to replace a jet washer unit on my 2003, what is the best way to get access, do I remove the head light or should I try removing the bottom spoiler? any idea will be most wellcome. tony