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  1. would a K20A3 intake manifold fit on a k24a1 engine?

    2002-2004 Official Specs, Features, Etc. (Gen 2)
    I need a rotary valve for my 2003 honda crv, thinking of buying a used intake from which the rotary valve has been tested. Would and intake from a k20a3 acura engine fit on my k24a1?
  2. Briancrower stage 2 camshaft, ti retainers, valve spring, keepers crv 02-06, k24a1

    Trading Post
    Sold the crv. These were never installed. Comes with camshaft, ti retainers, valve springs, and keepers. Will also fit accord 03-07 k24a4 and rsx/ep3 k20a3. 700 shipped in the USA
  3. Looking for someone to help me with the name of a part (K24A1 Engine)

    Problems & Issues
    Hi, I was hoping that someone would be able to help me find out the name of a certain part. It is located right under the left side (if standing in front of the vehicle) of the fuel rail/ right behind the idler pulley. It looks like a small square block-off plate with a gasket and a mesh...
  4. K24A1 engine auto vs manual differences

    Problems & Issues
    Hey, I've been driving & working on Hondas for years. Finally bought my first CR-V so I'm looking for some info. It's a 2002 LX 5MT. Motor is blown, I have a donor vehicle I'm looking at buying but it's an AT. Basically all I'm wondering is what the differences are (if any) from a K24A1...
  5. 2003 CR-V K24A1 massive oil consumption. I'm gonna fix it.

    Problems & Issues
    New to the forum, not new to wrenchin. Along with my wedding ring came her 2003 5-speed with 230,000 miles into my life. Burns a quart every 200 miles. Smokes like a burning oil rig. Cylinder misfire codes. Pistons chattering. Open the oil filler while it's running, it'll blow your hat off...
  6. Hp gain 2002 crv ex k24a1

    Under The Hood / Performance
    i'm looking at doing a skunk2 intake manifold with a skunk2 74mm throttle body anyone know what the HP gain whould be on a mod like that ?