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  1. would a K20A3 intake manifold fit on a k24a1 engine?

    Gen 2: 2002-2006 CR-V
    I need a rotary valve for my 2003 honda crv, thinking of buying a used intake from which the rotary valve has been tested. Would and intake from a k20a3 acura engine fit on my k24a1?
  2. Briancrower stage 2 camshaft, ti retainers, valve spring, keepers crv 02-06, k24a1

    Trading Post
    Sold the crv. These were never installed. Comes with camshaft, ti retainers, valve springs, and keepers. Will also fit accord 03-07 k24a4 and rsx/ep3 k20a3. 700 shipped in the USA
  3. Looking for someone to help me with the name of a part (K24A1 Engine)

    Problems & Issues
    Hi, I was hoping that someone would be able to help me find out the name of a certain part. It is located right under the left side (if standing in front of the vehicle) of the fuel rail/ right behind the idler pulley. It looks like a small square block-off plate with a gasket and a mesh...
  4. K24A1 engine auto vs manual differences

    Problems & Issues
    Hey, I've been driving & working on Hondas for years. Finally bought my first CR-V so I'm looking for some info. It's a 2002 LX 5MT. Motor is blown, I have a donor vehicle I'm looking at buying but it's an AT. Basically all I'm wondering is what the differences are (if any) from a K24A1...
  5. 2003 CR-V K24A1 massive oil consumption. I'm gonna fix it.

    Problems & Issues
    New to the forum, not new to wrenchin. Along with my wedding ring came her 2003 5-speed with 230,000 miles into my life. Burns a quart every 200 miles. Smokes like a burning oil rig. Cylinder misfire codes. Pistons chattering. Open the oil filler while it's running, it'll blow your hat off...
  6. Hp gain 2002 crv ex k24a1

    Performance Modifications
    i'm looking at doing a skunk2 intake manifold with a skunk2 74mm throttle body anyone know what the HP gain whould be on a mod like that ?