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keyless entry

  1. Smart entry does not recognize hands

    Problems & Issues
    The smart entry has suddenly stopped working after 1.5 years on our 2017 Touring (even though the batteries are new). Perimeter lock works walking away no problem, and it beeps like it's supposed to. All the functions on the key FOB work... However, when I approach the vehicle and put my hand on...
  2. Engine on to accessories mode

    2017 - Present Official Specs, Features, Etc. (Gen
    Dear Friends, I seems to be cannot figure this out. With this push start button how do I go from full engine on mode to only accessories mode? it seems every time I push that button while engine is on whole systems shuts down including engine and accessories. Then I had to push it again once to...
  3. 1999 honda crv (EX) automatic door lock problems (PLEASE HELP ME!)

    Problems & Issues
    Hey guys this is the first time im posting to this forum. I'd really appreciate the help. So ive been stuck with this issue for about 2 years now. My automatic locks only work on the driver side door. When I use my orignal keyless entry remote, I press unlock once and it opens my driver door...
  4. 2007 Keyless Entry Stumper: Unlocks, won't lock.

    Problems & Issues
    Here's a stumper for all of you CRV Jedi-masters. Took my 07 CRV EX-L to the dealer for a detail (gotta keep the pony shiny and clean)...I pick it up, and oddly - I'm having a keyless entry problem Issue: Keyfob/key will NOT LOCK the doors. 1. Keyfob will unlock the car 2. Able to...
  5. 99 CRV Keyless Entry Problems

    Maintenance and Service
    I hope the title isn't too vague but I didn't know what else to put. I've been having problems recently with unlocking and locking my doors. Sometimes the doors don't lock or unlock when I push the buttons. First thing I did was replace the battery in my fob. I thought problem was solved, but...
  6. keyless remote and electrical issues

    Problems & Issues
    Hi My 2006 CRV used to flash parking lights and sound horn when locked (pressing lock 2 times) and lights flashed when unlocked. This does not happen any longer. Also my center console light and both over dash console lights do not work - but the bulbs look good. And ... the moon roof does...
  7. '98 Keyless Entry won't program

    Problems & Issues
    I just got a '98 EX and it came with a remote. The owner said he never used it and that it wasn't programmed. I tried programming it the way it says online, looking at all the sources I could find. The LED on the remote lights up when I hit a button, so the battery's good. The locks don't cycle...
  8. CR-V remote door unlock problem

    Mobile Electronics
    Hi there,Im new here.Couldnt find any help on the other threads,maybe I miss looked it but Ill post this anyway.:) I have a 1997 Honda Crv and Im having trouble with my remote to unlock or lock my car.Some times when hte remote works and it unlocks,other times it takes some time for it to...
  9. Keyless entry transmitter not working

    Problems & Issues
    I have a 2005 crv, and i have just noticed that one of the keyless entry transmitters will not work. i thought that maybe the battery was dead, but after getting a new battery it still wont work. the strange thing is that when you insert the battery, the red LED blinks once but when a button is...