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  1. How to DIY an Ignition Wire Kill Switch - CRV Gen 1?

    Mobile Electronics
    Anyone know how I can wire in an ignition Wire Kill Switch into a CRV Gen 1? Just for extra security when needed, I'll hide the switch under the dash.
  2. What is going to kill my '99 with 100k miles?

    Problems & Issues
    Hi all I've owned a '99 CRV since about 2008. It now has 168,000 km or about 100,000 miles on it. I bought it for my wife due to its reputation as the most reliable car on the planet and so far it has lived up to its reputation. I am curious what big problems are common on older CRVs that will...
  3. Is the differential gonna just die on me? Or do I kill it?

    Problems & Issues
    I have the 2007 with 80,000 miles and have changed differential fluid (Dual Pump) at least every 17,000 miles, usually sooner. Most of the time I've done the two-fluid changes at one time and carefully burnished the clutch plates -- I've done the burnishing two different ways....holding one...
  4. Car bombs kill at least 56 in Iraq

    Off Topic Section
    Car bombs kill at least 56 in Iraq A new wave of car bombs hit Shiite neighbourhoods of Baghdad and a suicide bomber targeted soldiers in a northern city in attacks that killed. Watch The Counselor Online Watch Bad Grandpa Online Watch The Conjuring Online Watch The Spectacular Now Online Watch...
  5. Flash floods kill at least 1 in Boulder

    Poll Central
    Flash floods kill at least 1 in Boulder Areas in the vicinity of Boulder, Colo., are being hit by severe flash flooding early Thursday that has led to evacuations and killed at least one person, according to local media reports. Watch Riddick Online Watch We're the Millers Online Watch One...
  6. My moms going to kill me! help!

    Mobile Electronics
    k i use my moms 2010 Crv and i blew the riight front side speaker because it was cold out like -30 degrees Celsius and my friend blared the radio.. replacement cost? where i can get one? and what size is it? whats the total price including labour installment? any of these questions can be...