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  1. EZ-Pass Killed My Wife's Battery

    Problems & Issues
    Just joined and here's my first post. Hi all! I look forward to reading the forum for tips and tricks for my wife's 2014 CRV AWD. Me: So last night was freeeeezing here in New Jersey. You: How freezing was it? Me: Freezing enough to frost up the windshield, which caused the EZ Pass...
  2. I desperately need advice! Distributor change killed my car.

    Problems & Issues
    My neighbor who is a self-professing CRV expert and honda enthusiast messed up my car and I need advice. In a nutshell I needed an e-test which failed and yielded the code P1381 and he told me I needed a new distributor cap. I took it to another friend's shop to see if they would pass it and...
  3. Water ingestion killed motor, now I have valve train noise

    Problems & Issues
    A couple days ago I went through a large puddle too fast, (not on purpose) and sucked in enough water to kill the motor. After sitting for about a minute I was able to restart the motor, it ran rough for a bit but cleared up and I drove 30 miles to home. The next day when I went to drive it...