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  1. Available Body Kit for 07+ CR-V

    These are the body kits available for our car. I got this from a store Ignite GT and I bought a Civic Type-R body kit for myself and the products are great. So I think I can share this with all of you. Mugen Body Kit (Front kit, rear kit, spoiler, grille, LED) - $1675 shipped anywhere within US...
  2. Sherwood Dash Dash Kit. Free Extra Pc's

    I have some pc's left over from a recent install. To see the pc's I have available click here to see the Diagram. Except for the A/C trim which I believe only fits 07 models everything else fits the 08. They are from a Sherwood Dash kit 2D-2526 from I am offering the pc's...
  3. Modulo kit is available in NA

    Check out pix: Any questions pm or email to me.
  4. UK 2005 Honda CR-V EXEC Alpine Sat Nav iPOD Kit

    Mobile Electronics
    Hi, I am the proud new owner of a 2005 Honda CR-V EXEC which comes with the integrated Sat Nav (it has a CD drive and DVD drive behind the unit for the Navigation Disc). Honda were going to try and provide an iPOD kit for it, however they said you can't get one for that model. The Unit is an...
  5. Interest in hood prop kit for 2007 and up CR-Vs?

    Do-It-Yourself / Mods
    I traded in a 2007 Ridgeline to get my current 2008 Honda CR-V. One thing I regret not having was the independently developed hood prop kit made by the ROC's FIG. You can see the R&D of the item in this thread; RL hood prop kit R & D thread - Honda Ridgeline Owners Club Forums. Essentially, it...
  6. Ground Wire Kit

    Under The Hood / Performance
    Hello, Would A ground Wire Kit Help the Performance of My V? Has Anyone Put One On? Is It Worth It? Thank You
  7. mugen body kit

    hi there looking for a mugen body kit for cr-v 08...does anybody knows around new york selling a kit..thanks guys...
  8. Diesel Tuning Kit for CR-V

    Diesel CR-V
    I've heard that DTK's give alot more power to the CR-V. Anyonw here tried one of these Plug&Drive kits?
  9. Leather Steering Wheel Kit

    i'm thinking about buying the kit. My wheel on my 08 V feels like it's missing it. Anyone here have any likes or dislikes about it. $60 from tell me what you think.
  10. Installed Sirius/Honda Adapter Kit to my 2008 Honda CR-V

    Mobile Electronics
    Overall the install went pretty easily: 1. Getting the panel covering the XM tuner was a little tough since I think you'd only know where the tabs holding it in are unless you put it there yourself. 2. Removing the tuner was pretty easy, two bolts holding it to the steel frame. For the...
  11. Anyone installed the wood grain kit

    Interested in how easy to install and pictures if possible. I'm looking at the one at HandA and it just looks like peel-and-stick... curious about the turnout of that. Thanks!
  12. Bass System Kit - Thumbs Down

    Mobile Electronics
    I don't want offend anyone, but I just installed the bass kit on my 2007 EX, and it my view, it's not worth the money. I would feel so bad for anyone that paid a dealer to install this $335 kit. I was a bit mislead by the specs published on the bass kit. From what I can gather, there is no...
  13. Timing Belt Kit

    H-and-A Accessories
    We now have a timing belt kit available online for the 97-2001 models: it includes the timing belt, water pump, valve cover gasket kit and drive belts. -Trevor
  14. (uk) honda crv h4 4300k bi-xenon hi/lo beam hid conversion kit £40 ono

    Trading Post
    for all vehicles with h4 bulbs on ebay at the moment but will end early for the right price. delivery extra has been fitted to my crv for less than one month, but the crv is going so i'm...
  15. lift kit for a 2000 crv lx?

    Tires, Wheels and Suspensions
    I want to put a lift on my 4WD 2000 CRV-LX any suggestions or advice would be most helpfull. I am located in southern Nevada so if you know of any shops this would be of great help as well.
  16. HID Conversion Kit

    Miscellaneous / General CR-V Discussions
    I just ordered HID Kit from this website They said this is pretty much a do it yourself or should I say, install it yourself kit, basically just plug and play. I wanna know if anyone here have done this, was there any problems with the installation? I'm paying $270 for...
  17. FS: NEW 2007-2008 OEM Honda CR-V back up sensor kit Whistler Silver

    Trading Post
    sold, please delete/lock
  18. Installed a single DIN radio with adapter kit (picture included)

    Mobile Electronics
    My JDM CRV came with a japanese radio which does not get the same frequencies as North-American/Caribbean. I picked up a Sony CD/Radio while in Canada recently and installed it along with a dash adapter kit. IMO it looks pretty good. I was worried about how it would look but I am quite...
  19. Tweeter pod kit for 97 to 01 CRV

    H-and-A Accessories
    I just wanted to tell Trevor at HandA what a great product the tweeter pod kit is for the first gen CRVs, I have had it over a year now and they still sound great and look great next to the fiberglassed door panels. I always get asked where I got them because other people with CRVs want them and...
  20. my new CR-V with Mugen kit

    Image & Video Gallery
    this is my 2007 new CRV with Mugen kit front view Mugen LED fog Mugen window visor