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  1. Largest Tire Size for 2000 CRV- SE

    Gen 1: 1996-2001 (UK 1995-2001) CR-V
    Good day to all Just bought a 2000 Honda CRV SE model with only 60K original miles for $3500. What a deal. Leather too. Was wondering about the Tire and wheel sizes and the maximum you can put on this??? It has 205 /15 inch wheels Was interested in a 235/65/16 would fit. Or at least a...
  2. Gen 2 CRV Largest Tyre Suggestions?

    Tires, Wheels, & Suspensions
    Hey folks! Just picked up my new daily ride, a 2003 Gen 2, and one of the first things I would like to do is fit a new set of wheels and tyres. The wheels I am currently looking at are 15x8 ET -35. I found an old thread on here in which a member had fitted 235/75/15 and had rubbing issues which...
  3. WOW 30,000 Toy Cars?! Check Out The World's Largest Toy Collection!

    Media News & Reviews
    Your collection of HotWheels and die-cast cars has nothing, and we mean nothing, on Billy Karam's toy car collection. Comprised of over 30,0000 model cars, it's the largest such collection in the world an even boasts a Guinness Book of World Records certificate to prove it. Watch this Video...
  4. largest width i can fit into my 1st gen crv?

    Tires, Wheels, & Suspensions
    hi guys, i tried searching for wider wheels but am stuck and can't find what i am looking for. i am looking at either getting 15x8's or 15x10's pro comp wheels. offset is 0 or -19. I can't remember which is which. Would 15x10's be too wide? i know it's going to stick out like crazy but i...
  5. 2003 Spare Tire: What's the largest size tire I can mount?

    Tires, Wheels, & Suspensions
    Hi, I have a 2003 EX AWD with the OEM 15" alloy rims. I'd like to get some larger profile all-terrain tires and would like to get a fifth for the spare. I'm wondering what's the largest size tire I can mount on the back door that will fit, without blocking the rear glass door or it just looking...
  6. Report: Honda to Supplant Chrysler as Fourth Largest Automaker in the U.S.

    Media News & Reviews
    Baring a miracle, Honda will pass Chrysler to become the fourth largest automaker by sales in the United States for 2009. Due mostly to Chrysler's dramatic month over month sales decreases, Honda has managed to pull ahead of the American automaker with a healthy lead of roughly 200,000 units. As...