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  1. Have a laugh!!!

    Maintenance and Service
    Good afternoon everyone and I like to say hello on my first post. I brought my 09 Cr-v in for differential change the other day. Dealer charged me 160.00 for the service. I know, I know.!! Anyway, I pay for it and then go home and take a look at my previous invoice for the same service done...
  2. Change of brake discs at 20,000 miles!! Is the dealer having a laugh?

    Problems & Issues
    We bought a brand new Honda CRV 2 years ago. After 20,000 and at the second service, to our surprise Honda told us that the brake pads were 70% worn and that the brake discs needed changing too. That's got to be the shortest ever lifetime for a set of brake discs!! I have not known changing...