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  1. 2010 CRV Odometer Fuel Economy Display LCD Issue

    Problems & Issues
    Hello all, I would like to share a couple pictures with you regarding my odometer display. On a cold day, I lose my odometer display. On a warm day, the odometer returns. I undid my negative battery terminal to reset the ECU, but it did not work. Any other ideas are welcome. I know it's not the...
  2. 7" LCD dvd player, gps, mp3, etc.. in LA

    Hi. I am new here. I´m from Brazil, and I have a Honda CRV 2008. I need a dvd player with, gps, blue toth, mp3, etc... for my car. In june I am going to LA, and I like to buy this acessory. Someone know a place where I can buy (and pic) this acessory? Sorry about my bad English. Thank you very...
  3. 2010 CR-V - Flip Down LCD Install HELP!

    Mobile Electronics
    I purchased a 10.4 flip down DVD / TV unit for my CR-V from Ebay recently. (I wish I had gone to Future Shop first - they include installation in their 299.99 unit) anyhow - I need some guidance on what I need to do to mount the screen and how to navigate my way around the headliner. I am...
  4. Wire a back-up camera LCD screen to fusebox?

    Mobile Electronics
    Hey all, I'm a new member to these fine forums, as I am a new CR-V owner... well, new for me anyway, I just bought a 2000 CR-V. I already love it. I bought an aftermarket backup camera, and I want to hard wire my LCD screen that came with my back-up camera to my vehicle's fuse box, instead of...
  5. Insignia Dual 7" 16:9 Widescreen LCD Portable DVD Player

    Mobile Electronics
    I have this Insignia Dual 7" 16:9 Widescreen LCD Portable DVD Player and I just want to know if somebody here has the same model or portable DVD Players ( that you can strap on head rest) if you can leave it all night long on the car without making it damage due to weather condition. I live here...
  6. Installing a new DVD LCD system in 2005 CRV

    Mobile Electronics
    Hi there, I am total novice in terms of in car entertainment. I have a 2005 Euro spec CR-V (as I live in England). I wanted to find out if it is possible to take out the rather boring stereo from the CR-V and replace it with 7 inch LCD, DVD, Bluetooth, USB system. I had a look on ebay and...
  7. LCD screen for rear

    I'm picking the options and accessaries for a 2008 CR-V. I have not been able to find a DVD screen for the rear. Am I missing something?:confused:
  8. odometer / trip lcd flashing crazy numbers

    Problems & Issues
    I had a new battery installed today on my 2002 and when I turned on the key, I had odometer problems. The lcd odometer/trip area and where the trip mileage or odometer mileage would be, I had a group of partial numbers and some of the partial numbers were flashing. I tried holding in the...