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  1. Hand Brake Lever Replacement for Honda CR-V II Gen2 (Left Hand Drive)

    Gen 2: 2002-2006 (UK 2002-2007) CR-V
    Dear Gentlemen Hope that the solution i need can be found here with the help of the amazing guys in this club I have a problem that seems no solution in the web nor in YouTube or i'm just bad at searching Vehicle - CRV 2002, 2WD Auto, Left Hand Drive Issue - I have a broken Handbrake Lever...
  2. Back seat lever broken

    Problems & Issues
    Hi guys! Hoping you can help... The lever underneath the back seat is use to regulate the position (move seat back and forth) has become loose.... And I'm struggling to find a way to get in there! Seat is stuck in the front position, so I cannot use the release to fold the seats up... Any...
  3. Shift Lever Lights?

    Miscellaneous / General CR-V Discussions
    Noticed on my 2017 CRV Touring that the shift positions are not lit in any way. The only way to know what gear you're in is to look at the dash. Every car I've ever had always had the lighted **** positions. Is this normal on the CRV?
  4. Shift Lever At Night

    Gen 4: 2012-2016 (UK 2012-2017) CR-V
    Hi. I own a 2015 Touring. I’m in the U.S. I was recently rear-ended. There was damage on the bumper that needs repair. I checked the brake lights, turn signals, cameras, windows, etc., and they seem fine. However, while driving last night, I noticed that the shift lever is dark. I could not see...
  5. 2015 ex shift lever lights

    Gen 4: 2012-2016 (UK 2012-2017) CR-V
    We have a 2015 crv ex that we bought new . My wife said that the shift lever would change colors . It does on the dash but on the console park and neutral are red and all others are white . On the dash they are red and green .I have done a search and can't find any info . Please help with any...
  6. Honda Crv 2012 seat lever help!

    Gen 4: 2012-2016 (UK 2012-2017) CR-V
    Hey guys. I'm brand new to the CRV and so far I'm liking the car. I bought a 2012 with 75k kms on it and it drives nicely. I stepped out of my car yesterday and my shoe lace got caught in the lever that let's the seat go up and down. I need to yank it up and down as it's just a mechanical...
  7. '09 CR-V Auto Hard to Move Shift Lever

    Problems & Issues
    My wife has a 2009 CR-V with just under 100k miles on it with an automatic transmission. I hadnt driven it for a while, but when I last drove it I immediately noticed that the shifter had gotten quite hard to shift. It feels like the lever is moving, but like the transmission is bound. Once...
  8. 2005 CRV Gear Lever stuck in Park

    Problems & Issues
    I recently bought a 2005 CRV automatic. I noticed that it would occasionally get stuck in Park after I started it but would soon be able to release into drive. Now it is stuck and have to manually release it by putting key into the hole at the bottom of the shift lever. The brake lights come on...
  9. 2005 CR-V Steering Column Tilt Lever is too loose

    Problems & Issues
    Problem: 2005 CR-V Steering Column Tilt Lever is too loose. The steering column won't stay up all the time and it's getting worse. I read the service bulletin (01-026) on how to replace the washers, etc. on 1997 - 01 CR-Vs. Does the same info apply to a 2005 CR-V EX? It looks like there are...
  10. shift lever will not move

    Problems & Issues
    can not shift out of park. found the little door to push the button to shift so it can drive. every time you park it will lock up.told by honda dealer that the cruise/ brake switch is bad. changed out that but still having the same proble. noticed that the cruise button on dash will not light up...
  11. Replacing the gear lever (gear shift) gaiter on a manual CR-V

    Hi I have a 2007 diesel CR-V with a manual transmission. The gear shift gaiter was worn around the gear lever knob so I decided to replace it with an after-market gaiter made of leather. To change the gaiter you need to remove the air conditioning controls then the panel surrounding the gear...
  12. How do you remove shift lever knob?

    Maintenance and Service
    Hi How do you remove the shift lever (gear shift) knob on a '00 5MT? I needed to remove the lower console to get at the back of the accessory socket. I have a Honda Service Manual, and on p.20-47 it says under step 1 "remove shift lever knob" and shows it neatly floating in space. Sounds so...
  13. 2002 CRV high beam lever replacement

    Maintenance and Service
    Does anyone have any tips on removing the high beam lever switch?
  14. Smooth gear shift lever in cold weathers

    Problems & Issues
    I have an interesting observation on my 08 CR-V. In summer, the gear lever (Automatic) is very stiff and hard to shift. It even makes squeak sound when I shift from P to D or the other way around. But interestingly, as the weather is getting cold, the shift lever is getting smooth too. When...
  15. 1998 crv shift lever please help

    Maintenance and Service
    hey guys i had a problem with the shift gear, sometimes it wouldn't engage in "p" and so i couldn't take the key out of the ignition, other times the car wouldn't start unless i give the car a little push, anyway i tried cleaning underneath the place where the gear cable attaches to the...
  16. Gear Lever stiff (auto)

    Problems & Issues
    Hi I've a 2002 Cr-V and my automatic shift lever is stiff when moving from Neutral to Drive or any of the gears. I've done 75,000 and dealer serviced. Last service included gear fluid change. It's suddenly happened over the last week. Linkage issue? Any ideas :confused:
  17. Tilt Steering Wheel Lever

    Gen 3: 2007-2011 (UK 2008-2012) CR-V
    Does anybody know if the lever for the tilt wheel has an adjustment screw? My reason for asking is, it slips after I lower it and then the steering wheel isn't secure if I or my wife is driving and go to turn. Not only is it frustrating, but it's a safety issue too, IMHO. Thanks