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  1. Pet travel cargo liner for your furry friends at CARiD
    Hey guys, Further to our previous conversation we want to debut cargo liners manufactured by Canine Covers for your 4-legged friends. Because doggies or other pets accidentally on purpose may scratch and puncture the seat upholstery. Don't also forget about their 'aroma' and omnipresent fur...
  2. 2007-11 Black WeatherTech Floor Liner Set w/ 2-Piece Nook Coverage

    Trading Post
    I'm selling a full set of black WeatherTech digital floor liners for a 2007-11 CR-V. The front row is a 2-piece design that also covers the nook (WeatherTech no longer manufacturers this style). The set also includes a second row 1-piece and a cargo mat. They're in great shape. Asking $175 OBO
  3. Findway Floor Liner

    Just wanted to share a floor liner alternative to WeatherTech and Husky. I've always had WeatherTechs in past vehicles and they were great. I just personally don't like the rubber look to them. I was looking for something that blended better with the interior but stood up to abuse like...
  4. Cargo Liner for 2014

    I have ordered a front and back row liners from weather tech (digital). I don't see the need for the same however, for the cargo tray and would be happy with something of *OK* quality. OEM cargo tray retails at around 71 on amazon plus shipping. I was wondering if others know where I can get it...
  5. 2013 Acura RDX cargo liner fit CRV ?

    I have a 2013 CRV EXL and would like to get a cargo cover. Acura sells one for the RDX and I was wondering if anyone knows if it would fit the CRV?:confused:
  6. 2012 crv EXL need front/rear & cargo floor liner.. what are some cost effect solutio

    2012 crv EXL need front/rear & cargo floor liner.. what are some cost effect solutio Hello everyone. having got my 2012 crv since jan of last year. I do notice that the rug that come with the car is crappy and do not last long. beginning to see some of rug materials comming off especially...
  7. Door tray mats / liner is it out there?

    Hi All, Iam looking for door tray mats / liner so that if you put your keys in the door tray they will not slide or jingle about. Is there a solution out there if possible a complete set for all the cubby holes I have a 2009 model ES
  8. Cargo compartment floor liner source? DIY?

    Looking for an alternative to the Honda, Weathertech, et al. cargo compartment floor liners for my 2012 (I put Weathertech mats/liners in my 2006 and my wife hates the look). I'd like the mat/liner to be thin enough that it can be rolled-up for easy removal. Anyone know of a pre-manufactured or...
  9. OEM Honda Cargo Tray VS. Husky Liner Weatherbeater Tray

    Does anyone have experience with both? I ordered the OEM Honda and when i got it yesterday I was not all that impressed. It is very thin and flimsy and doesnt sit very nicely right out of the box. I was thinking about trading it for a gray Husky Liner. I got the oem all weather mats that I am...
  10. Floor liner for '99 model?

    I saw a lot of great reviews on the WeatherTech liners, then found that they only make a cargo liner for the '99 CRV (or at least, there aren't any listed on their or any 3rd party sites). I was wondering if anybody had some alternative recommendations or should I just get the all-weather floor...
  11. Has anyone installed a Honda made 2011 Cargo Liner?

    Hi all, I see where Honda offers a cargo liner for 2011 CR Vs that looks like it is made out of fabric that goes up the sides of the cargo area. Anyone have this? Any thoughts on how hard it is to install? Thanks! Ed
  12. FS:Weathertech Liner Mats

    Trading Post
    I have a full set of black Weathertech Liner Mats, only used two months. Front two mats, rear set area mat, and rear hatch area mat. These are all the "Liner" style, top quality and fit! (I had to trade my second CR-V for a Rav4w/V6 to pull a camper trailer) Cost was $300+ new. Asking $130...
  13. Heavy Duty Floor Mats and Cargo Liner Sets?

    I'm having a little trouble tracking down a good quality matching set of all weather floor mats and a cargo liner. I need something that can deal with lots of snow and rain. I like the rubber like material ones that are molded to the specific vehicle's shape, but I'm having trouble finding...
  14. How to remove the interior roof liner?

    Problems & Issues
    Something that has become loose inside the roof liner of my CRV and it's making a rattling noise. I can bang by hand against the liner and it sounds like a loose metal plate. Does anybody know how to remove the liner? Videos or pictures would be helpful. Thanks!
  15. DIY Clone of am M-PAC Rack on a 2004: How do I get the tailgate liner off?!?

    Do-It-Yourself / Mods
    DIY Clone of an M-PAC Rack on a 2004: How do I get the tailgate liner off?!? Hi all, I've have my V for some time now and have been gradually sorting out the right places to keep all the nick-nacks one acquires and finds handy to keep in the car. My first aid kit in the tailgate has seen a...
  16. 2010 WeatherTech cargo liner?

    Prefer WeatherTech, where do I get the best price in SoCal? Also, any good rubber floor mats for cheap? Parts store or? Haven't found well fitting style yet. I only need front ones. Thanks!
  17. Cargo Liner for Gen 3

    H-and-A Accessories
    I had a cargo liner in my 2005 CR-V that I loved...see picture below. Does H&A have any plans to bring this in for the Gen3 CR-Vs? I'd love to have one in my 2008, but have had absolutely no luck finding anything that protects the sides, bumper and seat backs. Thanks!
  18. Sale on Grey WeatherTech Cargo Liner

    I just purchased a Cargo Liner for our CR-V and found an excellent deal at! 07-09 Cargo Liner Not sure why, but the Grey Cargo Liner is only $58.46 with Free Shipping while the Black and Tan Liners are $127.95! Anyway, anyone interested in a Grey Liner for your 07-09...
  19. Weathertech cargo liner

    Do-It-Yourself / Mods
    My weathertech cargo mats came in today and the quality is great, it does cover up the tie down ring in the back but the mat does have a cut out for it already so I trace it and cut it out and the result works great. I also cut a little bit off the top where the strap for the fold up seats so...
  20. Best Floor/Cargo Liner?

    Who makes the best floor / Cargo Liners? I'm in the process of purchasing a 05 CR-V. And the cargo area has no carpet what so ever. But I want to get a liner for it as well as the flooring. I seen people talk about WeatherTech. But I want to get the best i can. Any and all opinions are welcomed.