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  1. Driver1 Key Fob now linked to Driver2 settings

    Problems & Issues
    After a hard reset my key fob which says Driver1 on it now changes my seat to position 2 and I see Driver2 on the settings menu items. Is this possible for me to fix at home? Edit: Somebody put Driver2 Key Fob in my backpack last weekend. I'd delete this thread if I could figure out how.
  2. Are power side mirrors on Touring memory linked?

    Gen 5: 2017-Present CR-V
    Hi, For those who have the touring models, can you confirm if the power side mirrors also have memory function? I think the EX and EX-L don't. Here is the link to Honda press release which mentions it
  3. 2014 HDD Satellite linked Navigation system.

    Mobile Electronics
    Hi.... In the next two weeks I am taking delivery of my new CR-V which is UK spec SR (Nav). The vehicle is fitted with the higher end '2014 HDD Satellite linked Navigation system' which I have seen in the test drive car and described very briefly in the brochure and on various web sites. The...