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  1. Honda CR-V 2009 tuning

    Has anyone gotten more hps or bhps from taking it to a real tuning place
  2. 2013 EX AWD with CEL, VSA, and EPS lights lit HELP!!!!

    Problems & Issues
    My future SIL has a 2013 CR-V EX AWD and the CEL, VSA, and EPS lights are all on and he says it knocks when its first started. The shop that looked at it told him the PCM needs replaced which I seriously and throwing the bulls*@t flag at. He stopped over earlier this evening and I threw my...
  3. Dash lit up on my 2017 CRV-EXL

    Problems & Issues
    So I have a 2017 EX—L. Two days ago the dash lit up and gave me multiple warning “problems”...power steering, AWD system, brake system, etc. I had the car towed to Lehigh Valley Honda in PA. Yesterday they told me they put it on a diagnostic and there was a misfire in cylinder 4. He told me it...
  4. 2010 CR-V Right (passenger side) back-seat - fold up latch stuck can NOT lit if up

    Problems & Issues
    Hi, Wonder if anyone had the same problem with right back seat (bigger one) stuck in down (normal position), unable to lift up. Pulling catch does something (I feel resistance something moves) but seat still stuck. Note, I found this thread and make seat is all the way back, still no luck...
  5. Low Fuel indicator not lit

    Miscellaneous / General CR-V Discussions
    Hello everyone, I drove the 2013 EX AWD CRV last week with low fuel in it. The screen showed 35 km left on the remaining fuel. There is no warning showed. The manual said the Low Fuel Indicator is located on the RHS of the AWD indicator in the dash board. When I turned the key to ACC ON...
  6. Not even a week and dash is lit up with lots of warnings

    Problems & Issues
    Greetings all. Long time Honda devotee here. Helped a family friend with a new car purchase and she picked up a brand new 2015 CR-V EX on Friday (4 days ago). While driving it today, she got the following symbols all on her dash. Needless to say she is very upset that a brand new car with...
  7. Steering wheel controls very dimly lit

    I have noticed that the steering wheel controls on our 2014 EX-L are illuminated when the lights are on but are very dim. Is this normal or is there a way to turn these up besides the brightness control in the speedometer panel? Have there been other complaints about how dim they are?
  8. 04 transmission hard shift and no o/d or o/d button lit

    Problems & Issues
    Hey guys, I just got this crv running and now I have transmission issues so I'm wondering if anyone might have went through something similar and can help me out, Its an 04 2wd the shift to 2nd gear seems to take awhile and 3rd I have to get into higher rpms then let go of the gas and it'll...
  9. gauges are lit,, needles are not. whats up?

    Problems & Issues
    i am new so don't laugh at the question , i know its probably the umtenth time its been ask. but here goes. i (we) have a 97 crv 261,000 just have installed the 2nd engine (these things are built like a tank). rarely do i get to drive it a night but i did last nite and noticed the gauges were...
  10. Headlight Mystery - hi & lo beams dimly lit

    Problems & Issues
    My left (passenger side) low beam recently went out; turned out to be a loose connection. I adjusted the tension in the socket, put in a new bulb (just to be sure) but now both low AND high beams are on and extremely dim (50% brightness). The RIGHT low-beam continues to work at 100% brightness...
  11. Yellow Tire Pressure Light always Lit

    Problems & Issues
    The yellow tire pressure light keeps lit I'd pump up all tires, the light would go away for about a day and comes back on the next day. I check the tire pressures on all 4 wheels..all tires have the same pressure that I set them to the day earlier. Any quick fixes to this or do I need to send...
  12. Glove box light lit when headlights on.

    Problems & Issues
    Is it suppose to be on or do I need to make adjustments? It''s an easy fix if the light should be off.