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  1. New member crv 3 Luxury version Petrol 2 LITRE MANUAL G BOX

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    Hi members look forward to discussing Honda CRV with you
  2. air con issues- 2004 2 litre SE sport (UK)

    Problems & Issues
    Hi, new memeber with what appears to be a common problem! My wife told me that the air con was making a funny noise so i went on the driveway started the car ran it in idle and turned the aircon on. engine stalled and now aircon doesnt work. I immediatley thought clutch and after looking on the...
  3. 2002 CR-V EXL burning 1 litre of oil per 500 kilometres

    Problems & Issues
    2002 CR-V EXL burning 1 litre of oil per 500 kilometres: - 145,000 km on vehicle as of Apr 2009. - Oil change at dealer in fall 2008. - wife noticed oil light came on when braked hard for a stop light. - checked oil and it was down 3 litres...not sure why oil light didn't come on before that. -...