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  1. Where do I post to ask "Where do I post?" LOL

    Community Help
    I want to change the subject line of a forum post: 116266-2016-lx-rear-seats-down-blocks-ac from being an LX to an EX-L. (Huh! I can't post the actual URL, but that should do, above, for the moment.) Do I ask here, in the FF, or do I find an admin's post, click on his or her avatar, and...
  2. These accessories will be the death of me lol first

    First post as the owner of a brand new 2016 EXL Browsing these forums, I put together a list of items to buy and things to do. And I don't even have the car yet haha 1) Weather Tech mats and cargo liner - check 2) Weather Tech window visors - check 3) Honda splash guards 4) Honda wheel...
  3. Winter tire choices...yep I've done searches too lol

    Tires, Wheels and Suspensions
    Winter tire's on need snow... Hi all, I wound up having a set of Bridgestone Blizzak DM V2 installed today. I felt the price was very competitive and the install went well. We don't have any snow on the roads so can't evaluate them yet but they ride very nice. I drove them on the...
  4. My little "Transformer" CrV lol

    Image & Video Gallery
    Long story short, bad accident in February totaled my 99. A friend sold me his 2005 Nighthawk black Pearl Ex and Everything engine wise worked great but there were a couple of cosmetic defects. Now I've slowly been trying to restore it the best I can. Few things I've done to my new include...
  5. Newbie- with a problem, lol

    Greetings & Introductions
    Hello all, I am new to this site as this is my sons crv (97) oldie but still a goodie, anyways I want to help him change the downstream 02 sensor on his 97 honda crv. I know that the one end goes on the back of the cat, but I have no idea where the other end, ends up going to? Can anyone help me...
  6. New cr-v to speak lol

    Greetings & Introductions
    Hey, my name is Austin, I'm a 19 year old college student that is majoring in Diesel technologies. I'm here solely to learn about the Honda CR-V, my girlfriend currently owns one and is having a few issues so I'm here to get a feel for what I'm getting into. I have a good deal of mechanical...
  7. 2000 uk ES auto :-Non starting after changing transmission oil ?? Why me lol

    Problems & Issues
    Help please:- i changed the transmission fluid. Started the car,and checked the fluid again,with no problem. Lowered the car,as had it on a jack to get it level,put the air filter housing back in,and now it won't start at all. Starter motor is doing nothing :confused: The lever is in the park...
  8. Hi, Im new lol

    Greetings & Introductions
    Hi I just brought my first honda a 2007 cr-v ex. I always have American or European cars so this is my first Japanese car too. so I think I will be around this site to find everything for my cr-v Ohhh and I from the island of Puerto Rico....
  9. WTB: first post lookin for parts lol

    Trading Post
    hey guy i am new here i dont own a cr-v my mom has one tho lol. i own a wagovan rt4x4 and i am lookin to mod it with a cr-v drivetrain but i need a stick shift tranny!!!! where can i find out for alot less then 1200 that ebay wants